Leacy Units in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator: How to unlock Legacy Units

This unlock shall be LEGENDARY

The Legacy Faction is a secret set of units in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. They are sort of a bonus group of units you can unlock by exploring the game further than just completing battle missions. Once you complete it you will also unlock the Legacy Campaign to play as well. We will help you discover every single Legacy Unit to fully unlock the Legacy Faction and add more fun and crazy gameplay options to your TABS experience. Here’s how to unlock legacy units in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

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How to Unlock Units

There are 16 legacy units as part of the legacy faction. Some of them are just powered-up versions of other regular units you’ve gained throughout the gameplay. You automatically get the Legacy Peasant once you’ve also unlocked the Legacy Map. You gain the legacy map as the last map you unlock in the normal run of the game.

Once you’ve obtained the legacy map, you have to use the camera to look around all over the map to unlock the units. Just like the secret faction units, you will scan closely all over the map to find each hidden item that belongs to a legacy unit. All 15 units to unlock are right in this legacy map and nowhere else.

You will have to navigate very closely to each item. It will take a few seconds, the item will light up and make a loud humming sound followed by a happy ding noise. This means you’ve unlocked the hidden legacy unit! Again, there are 15 units found all across the legacy map.

If you are wanting exact locations you can use the TABS fan wiki as a guide so you know exactly what you’re looking for as well as keep track of every unit you’ve already unlocked. Good luck looking for each legacy unit and completing your list of units!

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