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How to unlock Secret Units in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Unlock the secret units!

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has a lot of fun hidden easter eggs and content to unlock throughout the game. There are a lot of different units to test out in different battles and scinarios when begining the game. As you continue thorugh the game, completeing different tasks unlock new different units to try. However there are also several ‘secret’ units that you can unlock only if you know how. This article will help you get started in finding all the hidden secret units. Here’s how to unlock the secret units in Totally Accuate Battle Simulator.

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Finding the Secret Units

There are actually over 30 secret units in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. However given different versions of the game, some of these units may not be playable. There for depending on which system you play TABS on, some of the secret units might be missing.

To find a secret unit is actually pretty easy. Simply pick any map you’ve unlocked so far and use the camera button once you’re on that map. Use the camera to look around untill you find a hidden weapon that belongs to that secret unit. Behold! You’ve found and unlocked a secret unit! Don’t worry, the maps are pretty small and easy to navigate, so you should find the hidden items in notime.

Don’t stree looking for the items either, there’s a whole list of exactly where to find every item on the fan wiki. There is also a guaranteed secret unit to find on almost every map. Some of the maps contain 2 secret units to find.

Good luck searching for each and every unit. If you have a specific favorite you’re looking for, again check the fan wiki guide for more details. If you’re just a completionist though just remember to look over every inch of each map as you progress through the game and gain new areas to battle in.

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