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Top 5 Games Like The Battle of Polytopia

Here is a list of games similar to The Battle of Polytopia
promotional image for the battle of polytopia
Image via Midjiwan Ab

The Battle of Polytopia is an incredible strategic feast. This multiplayer war game sees you (in turn-based rounds) build an empire, wage war, make allies, and conquer Polytopia. Critically acclaimed, the game has many fans, but strategic strategy fans always want more. So are there any games similar to the Battle of Polytopia? Let’s take a look! Here is a list of games that are like The Battle of Polytopia.

Games Like The Battle of Polytopia


promotional image for Hexonia
Image via Togglegear

Often called a Polytopia rip-off, Hexonia has found a decent player base who enjoy the slight twists on aspects found in The Battle of Polytopia.

This strategy game, by Togglegear, makes use of a hexagonal grid and a more focused and linear tech tree. Unlike Polytopia, each tribe has a special guardian to help in the war effort, adding a unique edge to each tribe that is minimally found in Polytopia’s regular tribes. Hexonia is a solid counter to Polytopia.


promotional image for unciv
Image via Yair Morgenstern

Unciv, by Yair Morgenstern, is a 4x civilization-building strategy game. Take control of a non-fictitious real country and develop your nation whilst crushing your foes. there is a detailed tech tree and more complex buildings and strategies.

Players who want a longer and more detailed strategy experience may find Unciv has what they’re looking for. This game draws parallels to the Civilization franchise, so fans of that game may find enjoyment here as well.

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promotional image for Uciana
Image via Birdshel

Uciana, by Birdshel, is a 4x strategy civilization-building strategy game – but in space. Players will take control of a space-faring empire as they develop planets, systems, research, and so much more. With turn-based fleet combat in the dark void of space, the action is already on another level of complex and fun.

With procedurally generated systems to explore, there will always be something new to discover. Somewhat similar to the board game Twilight Imperium, players may choose from six factions to start their empire.


promotional image for antiyoy
Image via Yiotro

Antiyoy is a strange abstract experience by Yiotro. Simple, off-line, to the point and yet quite deeply strategic, players may find a delight in what could be considered a stripped-back Polytopia experience.

This simple game contains numerous levels, and also a range of user-created levels to enjoy. Despite the simplicity, you must manage numerous economies and pay very close attention to your expansion and the cost-effectiveness of your troops. Those wishing for an off-line and simpler experience, Antiyoy is for you.


Uniwar, by Spooky House Studios UG, is another multiplayer turn-based strategy game where players face off in a futuristic setting. With different races (each with their own ability) to choose from, you’ll be having fun trying to master each of them.

promotional image for Uniwar
Image via Spooky House Studios UG

Solo and team games are available, something that cannot be said for Polytopia. With a damage calculator, this game is purely strategic and purely logical, so you can be assured that RNG won’t be tipping any scales.

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