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Top 7 Best Lancer Rogue Company Skins

Lancer is known to sport some awesome looks!
RC Lancer Emerald

One of the more fashion-forward members of the Rogue Company crew has definitely got to be Lancer. She is a total boss not only at decimating her enemies with her quick and efficient playstyle but she looks good while doing it too. She’s a true fashionista who’s managed to sport some amazing outfits over Rogue Company’s run thus far. Today, we’re going to dive into her wardrobe and name the top 7 best skins that Lancer has donned to date.

Top 7 Best Lancer Rogue Company Skins

RC Lancer Downhill

Our list is pretty comprehensive and ranges from common, all the way up to some Legendary choices. Though, it’s worth mentioning that while some of these outfits can be picked up now, most are limited-time outfits for specific consoles or were part of a previous Season Pass. Let’s get into the list!

Emerald Absque

Starting off the list is one of my personal favorites. The Emerald Absque is a gorgeously green, shiny look that stands out perfectly during gameplay to wow your competition into forgetting that you’re even supposed to be fighting. This was part of an Xbox Game Pass perk in 2021 and is unfortunately not available to pick up any longer.


A current outfit that can be purchased, however, is the Downhill skin. This outfit is a great athletic look with bright colors that manage to bring a Summer feel to her wardrobe. This choice is just a fun and comfy-looking one that sparks some joy to look at.

Cosmic Rave

A space-themed outfit, the Cosmic Rave is a nice navy outfit trimmer with a light shimmery blue, finished by an awesome hair color and make-up combo that makes her feel like a space princess akin to the likes of Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy. This one just makes her look super tough and cool overall.

Wasteland Runner

One of her more intimidating outfits, the Wasteland Runner gives her a Mad-Max-themed look. And while she definitely looks like she can take anyone on and win in this outfit, the use of color detailing and make-up manages to bring her own style to it all overall. Even in a wasteland, she’s all about style.

Golden Absque

The Golden Absque outfit is the Emerald Absque but with green traded for gold. It all really works though and gives her the look of someone who’d be showing up to the big music or movie award shows of the year. This is a show-stopper for sure.

Pheonix Runner

Another intimidating design is her Pheonix Runner skin that was available as a Season 3 starter pack. This Asia-inspired look features a red and black look with gold trimming. Additionally, it’s all tied together with a half-mask with a set of teeth printed on it as well as a fantastic make-up job, as always.


Though this is the skin that you get with her from the start, this is a skin that will never stop looking good. There’s just something about how the design team was able to truly bring her personality out in this first outfit that gives you everything you need to know about her. She’s quick, has great fashion sense, and the spotlight loves her. This is S-tier for sure.

That’s our list of the top 7 best Lancer skins in Rogue Company. One can only hope that there are even more great looks for this character in the future.

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