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The Top 5 Worst Rewards in Video Games

Lousy rewards. Give me my money.
Image Via Blizzard Entertainment

There’s nothing like playing a game for hours on end, finishing quests, to then be given a horrible reward at the end. *Cough* No Man’s Sky *Cough* Center of the galaxy. *Cough*. It’s the worst feeling in the world when you’re grinding long hours only to come across something so insulting it’s laughable. Nothing grinds our gears more than getting a bad reward. Whether it’s an ending, a weapon, or something cosmetic here’s our list, in no particular order, of the worst rewards in video games.

HorriWorst Rewards in Video Games

Ready for a list of horrible rewards in video games? It’s annoying when you’re playing a long game and to be given a reward that doesn’t mean much to you. We want to feel as if we accomplished something and it was worth the struggle. Give us legendary weapons, unlock cool characters, or giving us items that are incredibly useful for post game content. Below is our list for the worst rewards you can receive in playing video games.

Center of The Galaxy – No Man’s Sky

Image Via Hello Games

Remember when No Man’s Sky first released and people had mixed feelings over the game? It was one of the main objectives and it was hyped up during interviews and press videos. Now that the game has been out for quite some time people have figured out how to reach the center of the galaxy. When it first came out, people recorded their first time reaching the galaxy, and man was it a letdown. You enter hyperspace and are given a cutscene with annoying music, creating this false idea of success, and it just fades to white. That’s it. That’s the big reward.

Walnut Pom-Pom Beanie – Tom Clancy’s The Division

Image Via Massive Entertainment – A Ubisoft Studio

The grind to get gear in The Division was annoying. The enemies were just bullet sponges and after you defeated certain enemies you would get drops. Some drops were okay, while others, just gave you a useless walnut pom-pom beanie. Loot in the game was disappointing. All that hard work only to get some fashion statements? It wasn’t worth it. Not only that, the game just felt empty with a less memorable story line.

Hestu’s Gift – The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild

Image Via Nintendo

900 pieces of Korok seeds, that’s been confirmed from Hidemaro Fijibayashi, to actually be poop, is either laughable for the developers pranking their players or insulting. If you wanted to find all 900 pieces of Korok seeds you will be drastically disappointed by the reward. You literally get gold poop. That’s it. Enjoy your piece of gold poop and try not to be too upset with Hestu.

3 Pieces of Fowl – Genshin Impact

Image via miHoYo

Fowl is one of the easiest resources you can gather in the game. It would take less than a minute to gather them. They’re everywhere. An insulting reward you can get from Genshin Impact is when you log in as a daily bonus. Typically, great rewards would be primogems or weapon upgrades, but not this daily reward. You get three pieces of meat for logging in.

That Picture – Super Mario Sunshine

Image Via Nintendo

That picture after the credits…That taunting picture telling you to have a relaxing vacation! You unlock this picture if you have gotten all 120 stars. That’s it. This has been declared as one of the hardest games in the series so capturing 120 stars is difficult. If you do manage to get all the stars, the entire cast will get together and will tell you to have a relaxing vacation. We want to throw the controller against the wall after that.

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