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The Best Squirrel Beastmaster Build in Last Epoch – Build Guide

Choose the best loadout!
Last Epoch Sentinel Void Knight Leveling Guide
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Last Epoch is an immersive indie RPG title that has been out for a few years now, and is almost nearing its full release from beta! The game pits you against tons of different monsters and enemies as you explore its unique and highly dangerous dungeons, working either by yourself or in a team of up to three other players. Collect valuable loot and obtain powerful weapons that can help to improve your prowess in combat immensely! Customize your character and choose from one of many different classes that are available to be picked in the game. In this guide we will cover the best squirrel Beastmaster build in Last Epoch, a loadout which is sure to surprise your enemies in battle!

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How Do You Build a Strong Squirrel Beastmaster in Last Epoch?

Last Epoch Shaman Totem Master Build (0.8.4)
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In order to get a strong Beastmaster build in Last Epoch, you will first need to reach level 70 as a Beastmaster, and then you can begin using squirrels to decimate your enemies. Yeah, that sentence does sound a little funny. Who would have thought that squirrels of all things would be a weapon of mass destruction in a dungeon crawler game? Anyways, we’re getting off topic. Here’s how to build the squirrel Beastmaster character of your dreams!

As we mentioned above, make sure that you reach level 70 first. Once there, you can use the Herald of the Scurry helmet in the game, which will increase your health, the dodge rating of your minions, and the amount of wolves that you can summon ordinarily. However, it also makes you able to summon squirrels instead of wolves by transforming them. Although squirrels deal 45% less damage than wolves, you can summon twice as many as your Companion Limit typically allows, meaning you’ll be able to quickly overwhelm your enemies in a flurry of fur.

What Else Goes Well With the Build?

Other gear that is a must-have for this build includes the Claw, which will let you summon wolves up to your maximum number of companions. It increases your cast speed and the damage your minions will deal to enemies. Also make sure to use the Fang, which is another amulet that helps to buff your summoned minions. It increases the amount of damage they can deal by a lot, and also makes sure that they cannot be stunned in battle.

For stats, make sure that you maximize a few focusing on defense and your tenacity in battle. This means you’ll want to increase your Health, Resistances and Critical Strike Avoidance stats. Don’t forget to look into raising your stats relating to minions, which will be one of your primary methods of offensive ability. Some of these minion-related stats include Minion Health Regen, Minion Dodge and Minion Health. Good luck out there in battle!

That’s the end of this Last Epoch build guide on the squirrel Beastmaster, and we hope that you enjoyed it! If you are looking to read even more about this fantastic RPG title, be sure to check out our Last Epoch section on the website! You won’t want to miss out on our official Facebook page, which is where you can join the discussion and keep up to date with all of our latest content on games you know and love playing.

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