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The Best Counters Against Flying Tera Decidueye in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet – 7 Star Raid Guide

Defeat this tough Grass and Ghost type Pokémon!
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You read that right! Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has just announced another Tera Raid, which will begin on the 17th of March and last all the way until the 19th. The second round for this Tera Raid will then begin on the 24th and players will be able to try their best to defeat it until the 27th of March. In one of the newest installments to the Pokémon series, players are able to go on a whole new adventure in an open-world on the Nintendo Switch. Although this form of a journey is a far cry from the more linear world of the old games, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet still calls back to the nostalgia with many returning Pokémon that longtime fans will certainly recognize. In this guide we will cover how to defeat the 7-Star Decidueye Tera Raid in the game, including its move set and appropriate counters.

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How Do You Defeat 7-Star Decidueye in the Newest Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Tera Raid?

Scene from the Pokémon series
Image via The Pokémon Company

Decidueye is a Grass and Ghost type Pokémon who has a set of powerful moves that are sure to provide a decent challenge for even strong trainers in the game. Its Attack Stat has a very high value and the Pokémon is widely regarded as one with devastating attacks. Also, its Long Reach ability will mean that no on-contact defensive abilities like Rocky Helmet and Flame Body can affect it since its Physical attacks will become non-Physical through Long Reach. Here are all of its moves in this challenge.

・ Brave Bird
・ Solar Blade
・Spirit Shackle
・ Low Sweep
・ Sunny Day
・ Swords Dance

These moves sure do look menacing, so let’s dive right in to the best counters for Decidueye in this raid without any further ado.


With very strong HP and Sp. Atk stats, the Electric and Dragon type Miraidon is well-suited to square up with Decidueye in this Tera Raid. Using moves such as Electro Drift and Parabolic Charge, your Miraidon will deal super effective damage to Decidueye and devastate its hitpoints very quickly. Also, Metal Sound and Charge are great choices to ramp up its stats or hurt Decidueye’s in battle to deal even more damage. In fact, make sure that you use Metal Sound in the first move to lower Decidueye’s Sp. Def stat and make it vulnerable to your attacks.

Iron Hands

Another great choice for a Pokémon in this battle, Iron Hands is a Fighting and Electric type who will be able to withstand its Grass, Ghost and Flying moves due to its own types. Iron Hands has its best stats in HP and Attack, since it is primarily a Physical attacker and will even perform moves such as Wild Charge which are brutal to be hit with, but will also lower its own HP in return. Therefore an item like a Shell Bell would be a great pick to help it recover some of that lost health, and using the move Belly Drum will boost its Attack stat even higher.


This Pokémon is a good choice due to being Dragon and Ice type, meaning it will not suffer from extra damage dealt by Decidueye in this fight. Using attacks like Icicle Crash, Baxcalibur can deal super effective damage by making use of its Ice type attack. Since Baxcalibur has a strong Attack stat, make sure that you use Swords Dance in order to boost that even higher and try out Leer in order to lower the stats of Decidueye and make it an easier target.


This popular and extremely cute-looking Water and Fairy type is very underwhelming, but is not to be underestimated! Packing quite a punch with its Huge Power ability that can double its Attack stat, Azumarill should use Ice Spinner in order to deal super effective Ice type damage to Decidueye. You should make sure to employ Belly Drum for Azumarill first so that its Attack will be even higher in battle. Also, using Sap Sipper it cannot be harmed by any Grass type attacks which makes it an even stronger choice for this Tera Raid.


This Pokémon has been a mainstay of the series for years now, and there is a good reason that players love Magnezone and all of its previous evolution stages. Its Charge Beam move has a 70% chance to increase its Sp. Atk stat by a whole stage, and this Electric and Steel type is resistant to both Grass and Flying type moves, meaning Decidueye will have a tough time taking it down. Using its Sturdy ability, Magnezone cannot be knocked out with one hit and so you are sure to get at least one attack in with this Pokémon. It has high Sp. Atk and Defense stats, which means that Magnezone is great at outlasting Decidueye and slowly whittling down its health from afar.

That marks the end of our guide on taking out Decidueye in the most recent 7-Star Tera Raid to be announced! Feel free to visit Gamer Journalist on Facebook! Also, make sure to check out our article on Is Greninja in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? and All Pokemon Confirmed for The Teal Mask and The Indigo Disk DLC!

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