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Beware, the undead are coming!
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In this zombie apocalypse game, your decisions are of great significance, and they affect both your survival and the survival of other NPCs, as well as the whole storyline. This means that every playthrough is different and formed based on every player’s set of choices and experiences. We bring you the full walkthrough for Tenants of the Dead from our playing experience.

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Tenants of the Dead Walkthrough

Day 0

At the start of the game, you meet the main character, Daeshim, who just finished his online gaming stream and afterward complains that his viewership is low these days. Soon after, he hears the sound of a helicopter outside and wonders what is happening. Then his stomach growls, so he decides to go to the store in order to buy food.

Once he gets to the store, Daeshim is surprised by the darkness inside of it. Nelson, who works in the store, appears in front of Daeshim and tells him that the lights went out yesterday and that someone was supposed to come to fix them but never returned his calls. Daeshim suggests that he should call someone else then. Nelson is annoyed with his comments and tells him to shut up, to take the lunch and leave, and that he’ll add it to Daeshim’s tab. He then offers him the job and mentions that he might forget about the tab if Daeshim accepts. The phone rings, and Nelson leaves. Daeshim gets sushi for lunch.

The main protagonist is back home. He is angry that his electricity bill is 20 percent higher and realizes that his funds are running low, thinking about accepting Nelson’s offer. His girlfriend Minjee appears. She teases Daeshim for sighing and criticizes him for being stubborn and not wanting to adjust to the streaming world by playing “cute games.” They argue for a bit, and Daeshim soon feels remorse for saying something to her that he shouldn’t.

Daeshim and Minjee hear a strange sound coming from the outside and an emergency alarm. He goes outside to see what is happening and notices blood trails on the staircase. Then he hears a groaning sound from upstairs. A man in a white shirt covered in blood appears. Daeshim tries to speak with him, but the man doesn’t respond. Bloody man chases him, but he manages to run away and get back into the apartment.

Minjee is terrified. The bloody man was banging on their door the entire afternoon when it stopped with a banging sound like someone was hitting him. Daeshim and Minjee hid in the far corner of the apartment, with him holding knives in both hands. They hear the sounds of car tires, screams, and panic from the outside. After peeking through the window, they noticed that the entire city was on fire. The chaos settled down during the night, but they kept hearing cries for help from horrified people on the streets.

After a while, they decided that it was safe to move around the apartment. Minjee is hungry, and then they eat noodles. Minjee wonders if someone will save them and is scared about their food supplies. They slowly fall to sleep, and Daeshim promises himself that he will protect Minjee at all costs.

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Day 1

When you complete Day 0, and the zombie apocalypse erupts, you are basically stuck in the apartment alongside your girlfriend. In the top left corner of the screen, you will have bars that will show you the level of food supplies medical supplies, as well as the status of Daeshim’s hungriness and energy.

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After waking up, Daeshim realized that it was quiet outside and decided to take advantage of it. When you approach the door, you are presented with a few options:

  • Stay inside
  • Check the building
  • Check the outside.

I chose to check the building. Daeshim remembers the neighbor who was very loud and attacked him with a baseball bat when our hero went to his door to complain. He states that he hasn’t heard a sound from the neighbor’s apartment in days and wonders what has happened to him. He decides to check on him, only to find a trashed apartment with blood all over the place and traces that show there was a fight, but the neighbor is nowhere to be found. Then he heard noises and footsteps approaching, grabbed what he could from the apartment, and fled back to his room. You obtain a baseball bat from the neighbor’s apartment. I decided to take a shower and rest for the day.

Note that every time you approach Minjee, she will ask you a question. You’ll have 2 answers to choose from, and when you do answer, the game will tell you if she liked or didn’t like your response.

Day 2

Immediately after the start of Day 2, you hear some knocking at the door. I decide to check who is outside, and a guy in a hazmat suit greets me. He says that he is from Molecula Corp. and welcomes you to the Outbreak, Stage 1. He introduces himself as Shaun, Resident Pathologist/Survival Assurance Officer. Daeshin asks him if he’s there to rescue them but gets the hazmat guy to smile and say that he is not there for that purpose.

He further explains that he was left behind by his pilot a few days ago when a horde attacked them. Now, his superiors have asked him to do some field work before going into early retirement. He invites himself in for a “quick survey.” After greeting Minjee, she goes to the kitchen and leaves you to answer Hazmat Guy’s questions. He jokes about “selling your girls’ goods” as an asset, which angers Daeshin.

The Hazmat Suit Guy then asks you how you are feeling right now. You have three options for an answer:

  • Just fine, I guess
  • Not that well
  • I dunno.

I chose the second option because I can’t be fine when the zombie apocalypse is happening. He then asks what are your feelings towards the current situation. You can choose between:

  • It’s surreal
  • I dunno
  • I just want it to end already….

I chose the last option. Then, Hazmat Guy asks if you experienced any coughing or such in the past few days, and Daeshim says he did not.

Now an unpleasant question arises – “Will you be willing to share your Girlfriend if it means for your survival?”. The possible answers are:

  • What?
  • I-If we ran out of choices
  • I guess so
  • I-I dunno

I chose the first one, and Hazmat Guy stated that I gave “such interesting answers“. When you ask him what is the purpose of this survey, he won’t tell you. He then tells you he will give you Bottled water & Pair of Cup Noodles as a reward for answering his questions. A useful addition to my low food supplies

Hazmat Guy then leaves and tells you, “Don’t forget. Don’t swing low,” and to try not to join the consensus of the Undead. He adds that his ride might be coming for him soon and that he could vouch for a ride for Daeshin and Minjee. Daeshin is not sure if he should trust him.

I then decide to go outside to find resources, but I haven’t found anything useful, and our food supplies are running critically low. I also encountered many Undeads and dealt with them with my baseball bat.

Day 3

On Day 3, I decided to take the risk and go outside to try to find some food. This time, I was more successful and gained a Bear Spray and an Aluminum Foil. Again, I had to deal with numerous Undeads.

Once I got home, I decided to take a shower, watched TV to improve my Sanity, and after that, quickly fell asleep. It concerns me that food supply, medical supply, hygiene, and hunger were all on a critical level.

Day 4

After waking up, Daeshim states that it’s been several days now since the outbreak started and that he’s beginning to think if he and his girlfriend should try to get out of the city before things get even worse. As he stares through the window, he notices a van parked nearby with blinkers still on and wonders if he should check it out. I decided to do so by clicking on the door and choosing the option “Check the parked van…”.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/NTRMAN

I went out at dawn. Many Undeads were lurking around, but I managed to take care of them with my baseball bat and avoided getting injured. Then I checked the van to see if there was someone or something inside, but fortunately, it was empty. Checking the front door, I saw that the key was still in the ignition, but…. the van was out of fuel. Daeshim states that he needs to find some fuel and return home.

I took a shower and decided to chat with Minjae. That chat resulted in us making love. See, something nice can happen even during a zombie apocalypse… After the pleasant experience, I slept through the rest of the night.

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Day 5

Before starting the fifth day, I took a shower and ate. Today, I decided to test my luck again by going outside to find supplies. Unfortunately, this time, I wasn’t successful and didn’t find anything useful. That really annoyed me, as the food supplies for Minjae and myself were running dangerously low…

To make things interesting, I engage in another conversation with her. She asked me one of her questions… She liked my response. After the conversation, it was time to sleep.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/NTRMAN

Day 6

Door knocking woke me up. Minjae is scared, but I decide to check who is knocking by clicking on the door and choosing the “Check who’s Outside…” option. I see a kid by the name of Jiwoo standing in front of me. He says that he came here to do some trading. I tell him to go home. Then suddenly, we hear a rattling sound from the hallway of the building, so I call him to come inside.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/NTRMAN

Once inside, I ask him if his parents know he’s outside, but he replies that his parents are long dead. Jiwoo tells you he has an unused Portable Battery Generator. Just as he’s about to tell what he wants in exchange for it, Minjae comes out of the bathroom and completely confuses the kid, making him blush. Enchanted by her, he gives you the generator for free. He then leaves, Minjae tries to stop him, but I don’t allow her.

Today, I decided to explore the Building in order to find supplies. I remembered a neighbor who was a hiker full of equipment. I wondered if he was still around and if he still had some equipment… I went up to his apartment, but unfortunately, the room was already ransacked, and I didn’t find much. There were just a few things left on the floor. You can choose between:

  • Take the Radio Equipment
  • Take the Packet of Seedings.

I decided to take the radio equipment, hoping we could get in touch with someone who could eventually save us. Afterward, I returned home.

Day 7

The sound of a car crash wakes me up. We saw from the window that a delivery truck had crashed nearby and that no one had come out of the truck, which meant that there were probably no survivors. The noise alerted the zombies, and they began to gather around the truck. I decided to take the risk and go out to investigate the truck. We need to fill our food supplies as soon as possible…

After I dealt with the zombies with my baseball bat, I found an intact box with supplies in the rear part of the truck. Finally, I’ve managed to increase the food supply for both of us. I reward myself for my efforts with a good meal and a nice shower. I engaged in a conversation with Minjae and afterward went to sleep after a semi-successful day.

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Day 8

On the 8th day, a knock on the door woke us up. An unknown voice behind the door asked if anyone was home and then introduced himself as the tenant from the floor below and said he wanted to trade some goods. His voice sounds like he’s old. I decide to open the door and check who’s really behind it.

An older guy named Yongsun greets me. He says that he lives on one of the lower floors and that he needs some materials, so he decided to check with the neighbors. I invite him in since he seems harmless. Yongsun is thrilled with Minjae and states that she reminds him of his wife in her younger days. She wanted to talk with the neighbor, but I told her to wait for me in the kitchen while we talked. I notice that he stares at her, and he tells me that I’m a “very lucky man” and that she’s a “bit out of my league”…

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/NTRMAN

Yongsun said he had plenty of food supplies and asked for a Portable Battery Generator in exchange. After some thinking, I decided to accept the trade, with the thought that we would finally have enough food in our supplies, and, after all, I did get the generator for free a few days before. You get 3x Food supplies from him.

Before he left, Yongsun warned us of some “bad people invading homes lately” and advised us to be more vigilant and to boost our defense of the apartment. I should really find something to secure the doors…

I decided to explore the building once again. On a random floor, I’ve picked a unit to visit. At the apartment at the end of the hallway, someone peeked through the door… When I introduced myself and asked if they had something for trade, someone from behind the door grabbed me and pulled me into the apartment.

A hot girl named Hyuna appeared in front of me. She complained that she had only one meal left. First, she thought I’d give her food for free, but that wasn’t going to happen. I asked for something in exchange. Once she asked me what I wanted, I chose the “Ask for some Medkits” option since we were running dangerously low on it. She got mad at me for asking and threw me out of the apartment.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/NTRMAN

I decided to go back to my apartment as I heard some groans downstairs. I took a shower and went to sleep.

Day 9

After taking a shower and grabbing something to eat, I decided to do some exploring outside. I haven’t found anything useful and was injured while trying to fight off the undead. That will be a problem since we don’t have any medkits available in the apartment.

Injured and helpless at the moment, I took a shower, watched TV to improve my Sanity, and eventually fell asleep. That was basically it for Day 9.

Day 10

I woke up in discomfort. Minjae instantly complained that we’d eaten nothing but prepacked food for days, and she asked shyly if we could eat something different, like candy. I wonder if I should visit Nelson in the store to check what happened with him and if he has any food or medkit available.

Suddenly, we hear a door knocking. It appears to be that boy again, the one who gave us a Portable Battery Generator for free, which I later exchanged for food with Yongsun. I let the boy in. He said that he came back to declare what he wanted as an exchange from before.

Then I noticed he was staring at Minjee and immediately invited her to live with him upstairs. To back up his request, he told us that in a few days, a Private Chopper would come to fetch him from the rooftop of the building and that he could vouch for an additional seat. Minjae asked me what do I think about the boy’s proposal. I said I’ll think about it. The boy said that if we were ready to accept his conditions, we should visit him upstairs on Day 16.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/NTRMAN

Afterward, I decided to visit Nelson’s Shop. Once I got there, I saw that the shop was practically overrun, but before I could turn around, I heard gun cocking. Luckily, it was just Nelson. I asked him for some food and water, and he told me that various groups of thieves tried to loot from him and that he killed most of them, but one got away.

Then he told me he couldn’t lend me anything and that in order for him to give me something, I had to fix his car. I don’t know anything about cars, but maybe Minjee could help me with that. He offered us Daily Rations until his car was fixed. We got to an agreement that he’d take us with him afterward and that we would come to him on Day 16. Nelson also gave me Food with a bunch of candies and chips before I left, as well as a Medkit.

Once I got home, Minjee and I had a nice meal we both enjoyed. She got angry at me for agreeing to fix Nelson’s car as she wasn’t sure she could do it. Anyway, I finally got to fix my injury with a Medkit. Time to sleep…

Day 11

Phone ringing woke me up on Day 11. We were confused about where is that sound coming from because the network had been out ever since the zombie apocalypse broke out. I decided to go out and try to find the phone.

Outside, it was raining, but the phone ringing still echoed through the hallway and stairs. Worried that the sound would attract the undead, I was determined to deal with it as soon as possible. After a short investigation, I came to the conclusion that ringing was coming from the upper floors, specifically from the apartment in the far corner. As soon as I entered, the ringing stopped. The apartment was empty, and the phone was turned off.

As I looked for other useful items in the apartment, I heard a light thud in the next room. In that room, I found a strange-looking wooden box. From some urge, I’ve decided to take it home with me. I went to a well-deserved rest, but it wasn’t over.

Footsteps and murmuring outside our door in the middle of the night woke both Minjee and me. I came closer to the door to try and hear what was happening. We heard voices talking about a “hot chick” inside who lives with “some guy we could take out easily.” I sent Minjee to hide in the bathroom and close herself inside. I get to choose whether I’ll use the Baseball Bat or the Bear Spray.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/NTRMAN

After choosing the Baseball Bat, I stood by the door in position to smack the first who tried to break in. The door opened violently, and I swung the bat at the first face that appeared. The first person fell down, while the second one was surprised by my attack. He grabbed his companion, and they ran away downstairs, as they threatened that “they’ll be back.” Unfortunately, I then noticed that my baseball bat was broken and couldn’t be used anymore.

Day 12

Minjee apologized to me for not being able to help me last night. After the conversation, she suggested that we stay inside for the day just to be sure. Then, we made love… And that was about it for this day after a very unpleasant encounter with the bad guys.

Day 13

Once I woke up, I started thinking about how I could strengthen the defenses of our apartment. After taking a shower and eating, I realized that our food supplies were again running low. That’s why I decided to go outside to explore. It was a bad decision since I found nothing, encountered many Undeads, and ran away home injured. I took a shower and went to bed.

A strange feeling of uneasiness woke me up in the middle of the night. When I turned to the left, I noticed that Minjee was not sleeping next to me. Then, someone was knocking at the front door.

Instead of Minjee, a girl named Mari appeared in front of me. She asked me, “Why didn’t you help us” and afterwards, static noise increased in volume, leaving me scared and traumatized.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/NTRMAN

Day 14

Later in the morning, Minjee reappeared. It seems that Mari was just a bad dream. She suggested that I should maybe stay inside and rest for the day. But I’ll have to see about that because I am already injured, and we don’t have any Medkits or food.

I took a shower, grabbed something to eat, and decided to take the risk and go outside again to search for supplies. Unfortunately, after 14 days of surviving, I’ve succumbed to infection. Minjee’s faith is still unknown.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/NTRMAN

That was our experience playing Tenance of the Dead. We’ll repeat: this is a game where everything depends solely on your choices. I tried, as in any game of this type, to stay moral, get supplies, and protect those I love from the zombie infestation. In my case, I lasted 14 days. Maybe you, with your choices, survive longer, and maybe you even survive. Good luck!

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