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Tactics Ogre: Reborn: Best Builds For Vyce

Ranged warrior ready for action!
Image via Square Enix

Vyce is a ranger that can be recruited on Chapter III of the Lawful route, alongside Arycelle, Mirdyn, and Gildas, after you go back to Almorica Castle. In his own words, he is a character that would rather die on his feet than kneel before anyone.

Vyce’s difficult childhood made him an arrogant guy who hates Roslolian order. However, he can either go to seeking the truth or revenge during the game, depending on the decisions your main protagonist, Denam, makes.

Vyce is a versatile character that can play either support or offensive role for your party. Here’s three best builds for him.

Buccaneer – Speed and Efficiency

The Buccaneer can be unlocked when you recruit another pirate character – Azelstan. As a pretty strong melee class with few of the ranged aces up its sleeve, Buccaneer can move around the battlefield with ease with Swiftfoot II and swimming skills.

What makes him a so great frontline warrior is that he has Evade and Apostate skills. The first one allows him to evade a physical attack while the latter gives him the ability to block magical attacks. Having such abilities provide you with less need to worry about him as he can’t get nuked easily.

Perhaps, you prefer striking when the enemy least expects it. Back Attack treats the next attack as if striking the enemy from the rear. Barricade could also make things difficult for your enemies setting up a block.

As far as weapons go, getting a dagger in each of his hands instead of a sword is a great choice to make since it will lower the recovery time (RT) and allow Vyce to get more turns in battle. But why not forgo a weapon altogether and attack with your fists? Get bronze knuckles and get to busting some heads.

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Ranger – Ranged Attacks For the Win

The Ranged Attack build is great when you are fighting enemies that are on high ground or far away from you. Equip Vyce with Tempest Bow (found at Palace of the Dead) to deal a lot of damage but think about taking the Ring of Clouds or Sidhe Ring as well that will allow Vyce to move around the map better than most characters. You might consider attempting a crossbow as well if you prefer. Perhaps, the Cursed Crossbow? While cursed weapons are risky, they also offer the potential for the highest reward.

Another great choice in this build is the Lobber – an item enabling Vyce to launch items across the map and help out his teammates who are in trouble. Trajectory will highlight the path of ranged attacks, making it another good option.

We can call the Ranged Attack a build that is a great middle-ground solution if you are looking for someone who can pick out some foes while still being able to help out teammates. Vyce is one of the greatest ranged characters in the game. Here’s how to use his potential best for your campaign.

Ranger – Team Savior

Let’s call this build immediately what it is and what it’s best for – saving units and especially guest allies that you can’t control and often need to keep alive.

Vyce achieves this saving role mostly by utilizing Lobber with which he can catapult away items at many allies across the battlefield. While you may be playing the ranger class, Vyce shows why he makes a remarkable support character as well. One drawback however is, there are only so many items he can carry. So you probably shouldn’t depend on him solely for support versus more obvious solutions.

You might also consider Strengthen and Fortify to increase your Attack and Defense stats. Strengthen combined with Double Attack makes Vyce a force to be reckoned with.

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