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Tactics Ogre: Reborn: Best Builds For Catiua

Make the best out of Catiua.
Image via Square Enix

Catiua can be one of the stronger characters in Tactics Ogre: Reborn if you play her right. Even though you can’t recruit her until Chapter 4, she is a great asset once added to your party.

There are three main builds you can go for with Catiua: Princess, Priest, and Dark Priest. Each of the three classes offers its own ups and downs, but to manipulate their strength to your advantage, you need to know the right way to use them.

We’ve come up with a concise guide that will bring you up to speed and help you decide on the best build for your needs.


A Cleric on steroids that comes real handy when you are in dire need of a healer. Moreover, as a Priest Catiua can use Divine attack spells, Holy Water skill to prevent those undead from coming back, and a powerful debuff for Condemn – Absolution.

The Priest is basically a hybrid of attacker and healer so it can fit most parties nicely. Make sure to grab Boon of Swiftness to hasten your teammates and Major Heal to keep more people alive during the battle.

In the end, keep in mind that the more spells you use the more Magic Points (MP) she will need. So, equip her with some items that will restore MP or keep a party member in battle who can restore MP for her.

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Dark Priest

The murkier version of a Priest functions somewhat as a glass canon, which you need to keep in the back lines and make sure it’s out of any immediate danger. It’s a bit peculiar, but it can work if you know what you’re doing.

The Dark Priest class has good stats for magic but it is very limited when it comes to what type of spells it can cast. Spells such as Iron Maiden, which poisons enemies, and Bloody Gag, which sleeps and silences them, offer a great advantage in combat but they must be cast from close range. This is not so optimal since you will spend a lot of Tactical points (TP) and get into your enemies’ faces risking death.

Some items you can grab for her are Robes of Gloom and Wiseman’s Staff that offer Augment Darkness bonus, and Wizard’s Hat to keep her immune to silence.

Skills should be focused on increasing damage so we advise taking Augment Darkness, Spellcraft, and Expand Mind.


Princess is a mage-knight that stands on the front lines of the fight and brings survivability and caster damage to everyone who needs it. You should pick equipment that will boost her Intelligence, thus helping her make the most out of her Divine magic and Light damage spells.

Lipul’s Rod / Brynhildr as a weapon, Baldur’s Shield, Alluring Dress, and a Wizard’s Hat will keep you covered. Spellwise Augment Light and Divine Magic are a must-have, while other spells can be chosen according to your needs. Also, utilize Meditate to gain MP faster and cast more spells.

Last but not least, if you can save up some MP, Heavenly Judge is an awesome spell to use since it deals Light damage to multiple targets and exorcised Undead if killed by this spell. A truly powerful, Gandalf-like, magic that obliterates the enemy.

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