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Where to Find Sulfur in Planet Crafter

Here is the best location to find Sulfur in Planet Crafter
Where to Find Sulfur in Planet Crafter

Sulfur is one of many key resources in Planet Crafter. Luckily it is a resource that can be mined as well as picked up. We will share the locations we found to have the most abundant supply of Sulfur, along with some of the items you can craft with it. Here is where to find Sulfur in Planet Crafter.

Where to Find Sulfur in Planet Crafter

Sulfur can be found in various locations around the map. Most abundantly, it can be found in the Sulfur Valley, located at coordinates 616:75. This valley is located through the massive Iridium cave with the sand waterfall in front. 

Most Sulfur locations will be blocked by ice initially. You will need to raise the planet’s temperature significantly enough for the ice to melt. Four, tier three heaters get the job done quickly.

Planet Crafter Sulfur

Besides picking up Sulfur from the ground, you can also mine it with a Tier 1 Ore Extractor. Place the Ore Extractor anywhere in the Sulfur Valley, and it will begin collecting Sulfur for you over time. The Sulfur Valley is also abundant in aluminum and super alloy to the north underneath the waterfall. 

Quick Tip: Build a small living compartment next to your remote ore extractor and place multiple lockers in it. It will provide you with oxygen and a place to put excess material from the miner.

Sulfur becomes an important resource during the biomass portion of your terraformation. You will need it for the following items:

  • Jetpack T2 – 1 Sulfur, 1 Super Alloy, Jetpack T1, Osmium, Aluminium
  • Fertilizer – 1 Sulfur, 3 Algae, 2 Eggplant
  • Explosive Powder – 2 Sulfur, 1 Iridium
  • Mutagen – 1 Sulfur, 1 Bacteria Sample, 1 Methane Cartridge

Most of the items crafted using Sulfur will be made in the Biolab.

We hope you found this guide helpful. For other useful guides, check out our Planet Crafter section.

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