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How to Get Algae in Planet Crafter

Learn how to grow and harvest your own Algae in Planet Crafter.
How To Get Algae In Planet Crafter

There are dozens of different collectible resources in Planet Crafters. One of the most important ones is Algae. This resource becomes available to you directly from your terraformation efforts and brings on the biophase of the game. If you built your Biolab but don’t have any algae for crafting, no worries. Here is how to get algae in Planet Crafter.

How to get Algae in Planet Crafter

To get Algae, you will need to build Algae Generators. These structures can only be built on top of the water, so you will need to progress to at least the rain stage of your terraformation. After it begins raining, small pools of water will form, which will soon grow into lakes and become deep enough for you to place an Algae Generator on. 

The first tier Algae Generator is unlocked after the sign in the Heat terraformation tree and will cost:

  • x1 Bioplastic Nugget, x1 Eggplant, x1 Water Bottle, x1 Magnesium, x1 Super Alloy

All these items are pretty standard except the Bioplastic Nugget. You will need to either find these while scavenging or make them in the Biolab using mushrooms. 

Planet Crafter Algae Generators

Once you have the ingredients needed for the Algae Generator, find yourself some water, place one down and wait. Growing algae takes a long time, so it’s best to build as many generators as you have resources for. To harvest your algae, simply swim underneath the generator and collect the long weeds growing down towards the seabed. 

Planet Crafter Algae

Algae will be a key ingredient in Bacteria Samples and Fertilizer.

  • Bacteria Sample – 3 Algae, 3 Water Bottles
  • Fertilizer – 3 Algae, 2 Eggplant, 1 Sulfur
  • Fertilizer T2 – 1 Algae, 1 Fertilizer, 1 Squash, 2 Methane Cartridge

We hope you found this guide helpful. For more guides like this, head over to our Planet Crafter section. 

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