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Where to Find Iridium in Planet Crafter

Here is how to find Iridium in Planet Crafter.
Where to Find Iridium Planet Crafter

There are over a dozen resources to collect in Planet Crafter. One of the first exotic resources you will need to find will be Iridium. Iridium won’t be readily available in the starting zones, so it might be confusing where you can find some. After you’ve started collecting silicon and magnesium and have built your first few buildings, you will be ready to start looking for Iridium. Here is a guide on how to find Iridium in Planet Crafter.

Where to Find Iridium in Planet Crafter

To find Iridium, you will have to venture out some distance from your starter base. Iridium is found inside huge caves at the base of pillars. It’s a dark rock with bright red gems on it, so it should be easy to spot once you find the right area.

Planet Crafter Iridium

Since you will have to walk a good distance to find this precious resource, some prep work will need to be done. You will need to make sure that you bring plenty of spare oxygen with you and upgrade your oxygen tanks. Here are some of the things you will want to craft before heading out of your base.

  • Oxygen Capsule – Two Cobalt
  • Oxygen Tank T1 (Minimum) – Two Cobalt, One Iron, One Magnesium
  • Oxygen Tank T2 (Preferred) – Oxygen Tank T1, One Silicon, One Cobalt, One Titanium, Two Magnesium

You should also take at least one ration of food and water just in case. 

Here are a view different things you can craft with Iridium:

  • Heater T1 – One Iridium, One Silicon, One Iron
  • Heater T2 – Two Iridium, One Silicon, One Titanium, One Iron, One Aluminium
  • Iridium Rod – 9 Iridium
  • Pulsar Quartz – One Iridium, One Zeolite, One Osmium, One Uranium

Once you get advanced enough, you can also directly use an ore extractor to mine Iridium. We hope you found this guide helpful. Check out our Planet Crafter section for more useful guides.

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