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Stellaris Ultima Vigilis System Explained

Boldly go, where no one has gone before.
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Image via Paradox Interactive

Few things entice players of grandiose space exploration strategy games more than the exploration. The ability to travel far and wide in search of the next planet or system that can yield great results is never ending. In Stellaris, this notion is jacked up to 11. The procedurally generated solar systems give players a wide amount of variability from playthrough to playthrough.

There are times however, in which players encounter things unlike anything else they’ve experienced in the game. The majority of systems in Stellaris are random for each playthrough. This doesn’t mean that there are certain systems that persist between playthroughs. Sometimes a system will be there in every playthrough. Other times, you may need a significant amount of luck in order to experience one of these anomalies. With such curiosity stemming from these solar systems, we are embarking on a journey to figure out what exactly is the Ultima Vigilis system.

Stellaris Ultima Vigilis System Explained

Stellaris Ultima Vigilis System Explained exploring
Image via Paradox Interactive

The Ultima Vigilis system is part of a certain type of systems in Stellaris known as unique systems. These systems are unlike most systems in the game. Where normally systems would be randomly generated for a specific playthrough, unique systems can have a pre determined unique event, anomaly, or archeologic dig site connected to it. Keep in mind that even though these systems are all different and don’t change, their spawn is entirely up to luck.

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When encountering the Ultima Vigilis system, you will notice that it does not have any hyperlane connections to it. Meaning, in order to reach this system, you’ll need a jump drive. Furthermore, you’ll need to jump drive a science ship to the system before anyone else is allowed to travel there. Once there, players will see that this system contains one deposit of each advanced resource. On top of this, there is also a unique AI world called the Observation Terminal. With the system being guarded by 3 Fallen Empire fleets, Ultima Vigilis is surely a sight to behold.

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