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Stellaris Enigmatic Fortress Guide

You can cut the tension with a knife.
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Grand strategy in space. Well, that is pretty grand, and Stellaris sure brings it to the max. Being able to explore the galaxy and control your interstellar civilization, your role is to explore, colonize, and manage your portion of the galaxy. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, not really. You see, sometimes you will be met with some events or even other civilizations. That is where the strategy, war, and politics enters the equation. Furthermore, the Enigmatic Fortress sure fits that description. Here is the Stellaris Enigmatic Fortress guide.

Stellaris Enigmatic Fortress Guide

If you have the Leviathans DLC, the Enigmatic Fortress will be housed inside a class A star system. You will face five defense stations sporting the following units: 1 Ancient Vault, 2 Ancient Guardians, 2 Ancient Wardens, 4 Ancient Defenders and 8 Ancient Sentinels, along with autocannons, artillery and point defenses. So, be sure to bring a powerful space force to destroy them all. Finally, after destroying them, you will begin a multiple choice series of events that will allow you to gain some special rewards. Here is the Stellaris Enigmatic Fortress guide.

Enigmatic Fortress Walkthrough

  • Gain entry by deploying the science ship. When faced with a choice, pick the “Local Power Surge – go with lower estimate” costing you 50 energy, instead of “higher estimate”, costing you 500 energy. The latter will cause the vault to repower. The “Demolitions Team” option will make the expedition to proceed, but it will destroy your army transport if you send any.
  • You will move forward to the tower. You will be presented with four options. In order to progress, pick the “Rearrange the metal tori on the poles”. All the other options will lead to the vault repowering.
  • Next, you will be able to pick three options that will lead to success: “Home System Research – The middle”, “Supply Dark Matter”, or “Black Hole Research”. The Home System “Research – The beginning” and “The end” will repower the vault. Do not, by any circumstance, pick the “Use Force” option. It will destroy the vault along with all the ships. Every habitable planet will become a Tomb, and the uninhabitable ones will become Molten worlds.

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You will have to continue this path before the time runs out. If you successfully complete the quest, you will receive 1000-5000 Research points across all fields and unlock the Enigmatic Encoder and the Enigmatic Decoder technologies. So just pick the correct options and you will be good to go. Happy expedition!

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