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Starfield Mysterious Farm Location Explained

A sidequest, a lonely farmer, and a band of ruffians. What more could you need?
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If there’s one thing Starfield does exceptionally well, it’s the ability to explore the truly unknown. Players who hop into the game will get a chance to truly feel like they’re a space explorer. As their ships travel from system to system finding alien structures, as well as your fair share of man-made ones. Focusing on the latter, it seems that many have already begun to find some of these structures. However, they might not be as randomly placed as you think. So let’s touch down on the planet and take a look at Starfield’s mysterious farm location.

Starfield Mysterious Farm Location Explained

Starfield Mysterious Farm Location Explained moon location
Screenshot via GamerJournalist/Bethesda Game Studios

Since Starfield is truly a massive game consisting of over 1,000 planets, many players have opted to forge their own path. There is a large number of the playerbase that chooses to forgo the main story missions, and instead just travel around the world without a set destination in mind, which there is nothing wrong with. However, as most things go in Bethesda games, this could make for some awkward interactions. Namely, the mysterious farm that people have been posting about on social media.

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This farm, marked with a large ‘W’ on the outside of it, is located on the 6th moon of Montana, Montara Luna in the Cheyenne system. If you find this location by yourself, you’ll be treated to a nice neat homestead, comprised of a rustic interior and natural lighting.

Sadly, that’s about all you’ll find here on your own as it is tied to a side mission. But for those who have progressed the main story a bit, there is a mission you’ll come across titled ‘Deputized‘. After progressing through it a bit, you’ll receive a distress signal from a farmer on Montara Luna. This farmer is the owner of the farm with the W, which stands for Waggoner. You’ll learn that the farm is in danger of being stolen from the owner Ms. Waggoner, something you’ll have to help them with.

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