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Starfield: Best Build For Stealth

Sneak through the universe undetected
Starfield: Best Build for Stealth featured image
Image via Bethesda Game Studios

Finding out the best build for your playstyle in Starfield can be quite the dilemma. However, what if you want the shadows to be your allies. If you’re someone who prefers to work in the darkness and take your battles up close and personal, then Starfield has something for you. Since the game employs backgrounds and traits for your character, you can fine-tune specific features. This allows us to create a pilot to rival even the best stealth builds in Skyrim. So let’s sneak around and take a look at Starfield: the best build for stealth.

Starfield: Best Build For Stealth

Starfield: Best Build for Stealth New Atlantis
Image via Bethesda Game Studios

When it comes to creating a build in Starfield, character creation is highly important. Because while you can change cosmetic features of yourself after the start of the game, background and traits are locked from the beginning. And for those that don’t know, backgrounds are a feature that allows players to select a set of skills to start with, pertaining to a certain narrative history. Not only does this count towards combat systems, it also applies to dialogue, including specific choices you can make in conversation.

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For a sneaky build, players will want to go ahead and choose the Ronin background. You’ll be provided with Dueling, Stealth, and Scavenging as your starting skills. All of these are extremely useful towards making sure you don’t leave a trace on any mission, while making sure you can survive on your own without others. Traits on the other hand provide extra bonuses and benefits, while having a trade-off dependent on the trait.

Players can select up to 3 traits, or choose none at all, but if you’re grabbing any for a stealth build, you’ll want to go with Unwanted Hero, Introvert, Alien DNA. These are primarily due to the fact that all of these traits will help increase your health, damage, oxygen when alone. Since a stealth build works best alone, these traits will help maximize the damage you can do as a one-man army.

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