Starbase Mining Basics Guide

Starbase – mining asteroids and ore types

Starbase is a massive multiplayer online space exploration and building game from Frozenbyte. Before you get to designing spaceships and space stations and exploring deep space in Starbase, you will want to know how to mine asteroids to obtain some in-game Credits. Mining is a basic job for any endoskeleton looking to make a few Credits. You can sell your haul and turn a profit for your time and goods.

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Please note that there is an in-game tutorial in Starbase that runs through these basics. You can press escape, go to settings, and click on the tutorials section to start the tutorial and learn the absolute basics of Starbase.

How to Mine Asteroids in Starbase

To begin mining asteroids, you will need to travel to the asteroid belt. Make your way about 15 to 20km from your Origin to get to the asteroid belt. That’s where you’ll find a variety of asteroids containing several different types of ore. When you get to the asteroid belt, exit your spaceship by looking at the seat and pressing F. Tether yourself to the ship’s resource bridge by looking at the connection and pressing F.

Open your inventory by pressing I, and drag your pickaxe into one of your action slots. Press the assigned number for the action slot to pull out your pickaxe. Left-click to break apart large pieces of the asteroids, and right-click to smash it into smaller pieces that can be automatically sucked up and sent to your ship’s storage.

Examine an asteroid by pressing U, and press Tab to navigate to the Material tab to see the makeup. You can hold Alt and scroll your mouse wheel to enter third-person view when not inside your ship. Press the N key to turn on your headlamp so you can see the asteroid more clearly and distinguish between the valuable ore. 

When your inventory and ship storage is full of ore, you can head back to Origin and sell it. Refer to our guide on how to sell ore in Starbase to learn how to do that.

What type of ore can you get from Asteroids in Starbase?

There are many different types of ore you can mine from Asteroids. Some Ore types are only available at specific distances. Here’s a breakdown of all ore types and distances in Starbase:

DistanceOre typesShell types
0-50kmBastium, Charodium, Vokarium, NhurghiteValkite, Ajatite, Ice
50-350kmBastium, Vokarium, Aegisium, Exorium, NhurgiteValkite, Ajatite
350-650kmAegisium, Nhurgite, Exorium, ArkaniumIce
650km+Bastium, Karnite, Arkanium, KutoniumAjatite

Starbase Asteroid Mining FAQ

How to accept an asteroid mining job in Starbase?

To begin a mining job in Starbase, enter the Mining Job Hall and head to any workstation. Acquire a pickaxe and accept a job from the terminal. Head out to the asteroid belt and gather the required ore to complete the job. Return to Origin to turn in your haul and receive Credits. The more asteroids you can mine, the more Credits you will receive.

How many credits can you earn mining in Starbase?

Mining is the most basic way to earn Credits in Starbase. The amount of money can vary, anywhere between 4,000 to 20,000 Credits per minute depending on your efficiency.

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