Starbase – how to sell ore at the auction house or ore tower

After making your way into the asteroid belt and mining asteroids in Starbase, it’s time to get some Credits for your hard work. Mining and selling ore is an essential job to master, as it will be the starting point for earning credits, expanding your ship, and progressing through the game. In this guide, we’ll show you the basics of how to sell Ore in Starbase.

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If you ended up on this page and how no idea what you’re doing, you can check out our guide on how to mine asteroids in Starbase. After learning how to mine, you can use the information in this post to make Credits from it.

How to Sell Ore in Starbase

There are two ways to sell ore in Starbase:

  1. Ore Tower
  2. Auctions

Both methods of selling ore are viable. The most profitable will depend on the demand for ore at any given time. If there is a high demand for a specific type of ore type, you may want to focus on harvesting it.

How to Sell Ore at the auction house in Starbase

To open up the auction house at your origin station, press the “,” key on your keyboard while you are near Origin station. Navigate to the sell tab, and you can put an auction up for any ore you have on your or in your station storage. You may want to browse the list of current auctions to determine a good selling price.

Vokarium Ore and Bastium Ore are the two most common Ore types at the start of the game. Therefore, they will likely be the cheapest. Other Ore types in Starbase include Aegisium, Ajatite, Arkanium, Charodium, Corazium, Exorium, Ice, Karnite Crystal, Kutonium, Nhurgite, Surtrite, and Valkite, to name a few.

How to Sell Ore at the Ore Towers in Starbase

The next and quickest way to sell your ore is at an Ore Tower. Every Origin Station has several Ore Towers all around it. These are either Green or Red towers where you can offload resources. You can pull your ship up to these towers, tether into them, and sell all (or some of) your resources.

Park your ship next to the platform on the Ore Tower and exit your ship. Press F to tether into the Ore Tower and then interact with the terminal on the platform. You may need to press Q to align yourself with the platform so you can read the screen. Navigate to the Ship or Storage screens and hit the Sell All button to sell all your ore. You can also pick which ore you want to sell one by one if you prefer.

Ore Storage

The amount of ore you can hold in a run depends on the number of cargo boxes on your ship. Add more storage for a more significant haul. You can opt to put your ore in station storage rather than sell it. It is a good idea to stock up on some ore types if you are planning to craft items soon.

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