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Should you choose Nomad, Streetkid, or Corpo in Cyberpunk 2077?

Should you choose Nomad, Streetkid, or Corpo in Cyberpunk 2077?

The first choice you’ll need to make for your character before entering Night City is your lifepath. Your choice influences your character’s backstory in Cyberpunk 2077 and can affect several aspects of the game. Depending on your decision, you may get additional dialogue options, connections, and city knowledge. Most importantly, it determines your first mission in the game. So, should you choose Nomad, Streetkid, or Corpo in Cyberpunk 2077? Here’s everything you need to know about each lifepath.

Should you choose Nomad, Streetkid, or Corpo in Cyberpunk 2077?

Choosing your lifepath is an important decision you need to make at the start of Cyberpunk 2077. It determines the backstory of V, your playable character in the game. There are three lifepaths to choose from, and they affect your relationships in Night City. Dialogue options may open up for specific NPCs depending on your decision. Each lifepath has its advantages and unique starting position in the game, which determines your first mission. 

Your decision will not significantly affect the overall gameplay, but it can prove useful in different situations. Mostly, CD Projekt Red did a great job not to lockout the main story objectives based on your early lifepath choice. While some NPCs may not have a great first impression of you if you pick Nomad, it won’t negatively impact your experience. 

When it comes to choosing a lifepath, pick whatever you think sounds the most interesting. You can always replay through the story as each option and see what all of them have to offer. We’ll give you a breakdown of what each lifepath brings to the game to help you make a better decision.

Cyberpunk 2077 Nomad Lifepath

“Roaming the Badlands, looting scrapyards, raiding fuel depots… life on the road wasn’t easy. But growing up in a Nomad Clan has its perks. Honesty, integrity, and a love of freedom. Qualities that few in Night City possess and no amount of money can buy.”

Nomads start in the Badlands of Night City, a dangerous area controlled by a few different gangs in the area. The residents of Night City will have a terrible first impression of you, and it might be challenging to get them to trust you. Nomads are loyal, though, so you always have your family to help you out. The first decision you’ll make is to leave your gang of Nomads in the Badlands for the unfamiliar Night City.

By choosing the Nomad lifepath, you start in the Badlands and have to repair your ride to meet up with Jackie. Your mission is to smuggle something into the city, but things go wrong, and you end up on the streets. Working your way into Night City and experiencing it firsthand with your character might be a significant draw to this lifepath for some players.

Cyberpunk 2077 Streetkid Lifepath

“They say if you want to understand the streets, you gotta live them. Gangs, fixers, dolls, small-time pushes; you were raised by them all. Down here, the law of the jungle dictates that the weak serve the strong. The only law in Night City you have yet to break.”

Streetkids are the most familiar with the inner workings of Night City, born and raised on the streets. Like the Corpo, you’ll start in Night City, but your knowledge and contacts are limited to the lower echelons of society. You’ll know the streets like the back of your hand, which may come in handy when it comes to planning an escape route. Your contacts include other fixers, drug connections, and other local bigshots in the Night City street scene.

The first Streetkid mission entails helping a bartender settle a debt for a local gang. You’ll need to steal a car from the local Arasaka corporation, but it turns out Jackie is eyeing the same one. Cops catch you and are instructed by the corpos to dump you in the river, but they leave you in an alley instead. That’s where your journey begins.

Cyberpunk 2077 Corpo Lifepath

“Few leave the corporate world with their lives. Fewer still with their souls intact. You have been there, and you have bent the rules, exploited secrets, and weaponized information. There is no such thing as a fair game—only winners and losers.”

The Corpo lifepath throws you into Night City in the higher rungs of society. You start working for someone named Arthur Jenkins of the Arasaka Corporation. Corpos are masters in business, so choosing this lifepath will make your character a bit deceitful, a master of manipulation, and excellent at obtaining information. 

It’s a perfect option for those who want to try and talk themselves out of situations rather than resort to pure violence. You’ll have plenty of insider information and can blackmail a lot of people to get what you want. Corpos’ first mission leads them to a club, where the first mission is to meet up with a contact named Jackie.

So, will you choose Nomad, Streetkid, or Corpo in Cyberpunk 2077?

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