Roblox World of Magic Codes

World of Magic is one of the millions of user-created Roblox games available to play. In this game, players can protect the world from evil as a powerful wizard or help destroy it as a dark wizard. Learn spells, complete quests, and level up your character across a variety of difficulties. Create a guild and level it up to become the most powerful group in the lands. Here is a list of the Roblox World of Magic codes currently available.

Roblox World of Magic Codes

Currently, there are no available codes in the World of Magic game. The developers have not commented if there will be codes or not. If they do release, we will update this section to include all working Roblox World of Magic codes.

Items in Roblox World of Magic

There are three categories of items in World of Magic, including Magics, Armors, and Weapons. 

Twenty-three different elemental magics are currently in the game. Players get their first magic at the beginning of the game and can unlock two more later. Magic has different tiers that range from Normal to Mastery to Awakened.

Armor provides defensive stats to protect your character from taking damage. Right now, the different armor types in the game include Leather, Hunting, Merchant, Castilian Chain, Alalean Guard, Wizard, Iron, Mercenary, and Warrior.

Each culture gets unique weapon types. For example, the Castilian Weaponry consists of Swords, Bows, Daggers, and Shields. Weapons are similar throughout each culture, but some of the item stats may differ.