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Roblox Shinobi Life 2 Spawn Times by Category

Roblox Shinobi Life 2 Spawn Times by Category

Roblox’s Shinobi Life 2 allows you to explore new worlds, unlock powerful weapons, and put your skills to the test in an arena battle. If you’re looking to become the most powerful character, it helps to know when specific items spawn. Down below, we list out all the Shinobi Life 2 spawn times broken out by category, including weapons, Jutsu, companions, and modes. You’ll also find a section for the Halloween event, and we’ll keep the section up to date for any new events.

All spawn times listen below are in Eastern Standard Time (New York). You will notice each item is specific to a region, and some regions have a level requirement. Considering the game spawns things twice a day, you can assume the time is the same in the morning and night. If you are looking for something specific, refer to the chart to see when you are most likely to get it.

Roblox Shinobi Life 2 Spawn Times

Here’s a breakdown of item spawn times broken out by location, rarity, and category.

ItemSpawn Time (EST)LocationRarityCategory
Acrobat Style9:15Cloud6.67%Weapon
Blossom Spear1:30Training 14.29%Taijutsu
Chakra Kunai2:45Leaf20.00%Weapon
Chakra Rod Toss1:25Rain6.25%Throwable
Chakra Rods6:20Rain4.00%Weapon
Chomei Jin7:10Sand6.67%Mode
Cleaver Sword7:25Cloud5.00%Weapon
Cloak of Lightning7:35Cloud4.00%Mode
Cursed Seal of Heaven2:15Forest6.67%Mode
Demon Hunter2:45Mist12.50%Mode
Demon Substitution2:45Forest16.67%Jutsu
Demon Toss2:40Mist8.33%Throwable
Dual Raikiri2:45Forest4.00%Jutsu
Dual-Bladed Scythe9:45Mist50.00%Weapon
Eight Inner Gates3:30Leaf7.14%Mode
Executioner Blade8:40Mist5.00%Weapon
Gaiden Kusanagi5:10Leaf3.33%Weapon
Gaiden Kusanagi v23:25Training 1.67%Weapon
Garian Blade10:25Rock16.67%Weapon
Giant Folding Fan6:25Sand50.00%Weapon
Grass Kusanagi11:20Akat6.25%Weapon
Gyuki Jin8:25Cloud4.00%Mode
Hashirama Blade9:40Rock7.14%Weapon
Hundred Seals2:45Training 6.25%Mode
Isobu Jin9:45Mist8.33%Mode
Kiba Blades9:20Mist16.67%Weapon
Kokou Jin11:45Rock7.14%Mode
Kunai Blade6:40Sand25.00%Weapon
Kurama Jin6:10Leaf2.50%Mode
Lightning Style: Raikiri Blade3:55Leaf8.33%Jutsu
Matatabi Jin8:10Cloud5.00%Mode
Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu12:25Leaf8.33%Jutsu
Namikaze: Rasengan4:15Leaf6.25%Jutsu
Omoi Blade7:55Cloud12.50%Weapon
Peekaboo Jutsu11:20Training1.45%Jutsu
Raijin Kunai3:10Leaf6.67%Weapon
Rasen-Shuriken – Toss2:45Cloud7.14%Jutsu
Rasen-Shuriken Rush2:45Leaf10.00%Jutsu
Reaper Death Seal8:25Forest1.43%Jutsu
Saiken Jin10:10Mist7.14%Mode
Savage Blade11:25Rock25.00%Weapon
Senju Raijin6:15Leaf11.11%Weapon
Seven Heavenly Breaths6:45Sand9.09%Mode
Shadow Clone: Barrage4:40Leaf7.69%Jutsu
Shippuden Kusanagi5:25Rock7.14%Weapon
Shisui Tanto5:45Forest6.67%Weapon
Shukaku Jin6:50Sand5.00%Mode
Slug Sage5:20Rock2.50%Mode
Snake Sage2:35Rock2.00%Mode
Son Goku Jin11:30Rock8.33%Mode
Super Odama Rasengan2:45Forest6.25%Jutsu
Sword of Thunder5:50Sand8.33%Weapon
Thousand Years1:50Training 5.00%Taijutsu
Toad Sage2:45Leaf4.00%Mode
Triple Bladed Scythe12:40Akatsuki12.50%Weapon
Two Bladed Scythe11:40Rock50.00%Weapon
Vanishing Rasengan4:25Forest2.86%Jutsu
White Fang Tanto2:20Training 20.00%Weapon
Wind Style: Odama Rasengan1:30Training 12.50%Jutsu

Shinobi Life 2 Halloween Event Spawn Times

Here’s a list of Shinobi Life 2 Halloween Event spawn times:

ItemTime (EST)LocationRarityCategory
Bat Shuriken3:20Rain Village2.00%Throwable
Clown Trap Jutsu12:25Cloud 1.81%Jutsu
Scarecrow Death Seal10:35Sand Village1.25%Jutsu
Star Platinum Jutsu8:20Sand Village1.67%Mode
Talk No Genjutsu5:35Rain Village2.00%Jutsu
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