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Roblox Pet Store Tycoon Codes (December 2023)

Roblox Pet Store Tycoon Codes

Pet Store Tycoon is an experience developed by Sarcastic Studios for Roblox. Players can feed, walk, play, and take care of all their animals in this game. Work with friends or play solo to make money, unlock new animals, and explore new areas. You can use these Pet Store Tycoon codes to redeem in-game rewards like coins to help you build the biggest kennel around.

Pet Store Tycoon codes are a safe and easy way to get free in-game rewards. The developers release new codes all the time, usually alongside new updates and when the game hits new milestones. You can bookmark this page and check back daily for new updates if you always want to be in the loop.

Roblox Pet Store Tycoon Codes 

  • FLOOR2 – Redeem code for 250 Coins
  • EPIC – Redeem code for 250 Coins
  • AWESOME – Redeem code for 250 Coins
  • HAPPY – Redeem code for 250 Coins
  • PUPPY – Redeem code for 250 Coins
  • FOLLOWER – Redeem code for 250 Coins

Game Description

How to redeem codes for Pet Store Tycoon

To redeem codes for Pet Store Tycoon, launch the game and tap on the Twitter icon on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. Enter any working code into the box and then tap on redeem now to claim your in-game rewards.How to Redeem Codes for Pet Store Tycoon

How do I get more Pet Store Tycoon codes

To get more codes for Pet Store Tycoon, you can follow the developers on Twitter and join the Sarcastic Studios Discord server. The developers will release codes in those locations. You can also book and follow our page for the latest updates.

Pet Store Tycoon FAQ


🙈 Welcome to Pet Store Tycoon! Here you can:
🏥 Feed, Walk, Play, and take care of your animals!
🤝 Work with your friends to make more money!
🔒 Unlock awesome new animals and floors!
💰 Become rich and make your kennel massive!

🌈 Premium members get free rewards!
• 💎 Claim a free reward towards the back of the map every 10 minutes!

🏗️ Follow the developers!

🔄 You may need to rejoin after buying a gamepass!

👍 Please Leave A Like!
❤️ Don’t Forget To Favorite!
🦊 The game is formally known as Kennel Tycoon!

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