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Roblox Omega Tower Defense tier list

Omega Tower Defense tier list

Omega Tower Defense is one of the latest TD games available on Roblox. Many players are keeping themselves busy with this one as they wait for All-Star Tower Defense to update. However, I believe the game has potential, and if it continues seeing improvements, it can easily become one of the top Roblox TD games. There are already many towers available to spin, so you are probably wondering about who is the best. We are here to answer that for you with our Omega Tower Defense tier list.

You can find the OTDS tier list down below, along with a quick rundown of a few of the top towers. Each character brings something unique to the table, and there aren’t too many obviously overpowered characters. The nice balance is what makes this game fun and replayable.

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Omega Tower Defense tier list

TierTowers (Characters)
SSpiritual Zaigo, Emma, Swarm
ARaiton, Mizu, Beast, Friz First Form, Dojimaru, Yowai, Tasu, Friz Final Form, Mozart
BZarha, Chie, Zaigo, Ken, Stretch 2nd Form, Super Utsu
CAkuma, Utsu, Zero, Plasma, Hashi, Kejhi, Hakuna

Spiritual Zaigo

Spiritual Zaigo is the best character in the game, but he does cost 900 Coins to place. The starting damage is 51, his range is 8, and the attack cooldown is 4. It costs 850 Coins to upgrade to level 2, 1100 to level 3, 1350 to level 4, and 1750 to max level. At max level, it will be doing over 169 damage with 25 range and a 2-second cooldown.


Emma is the money maker Tower in OTDS, and while she isn’t the greatest at the start of the match, she becomes incredibly useful later on in the game. You should look to level her up as much as possible to make her more effective. 

Friz Final Form

Friz Final Form is a nice character for AoE damage and extra burn damage over time. It’s a great starter unit, so he will take you a long way if you manage to get this one. Friz First Form is also quite good, so you can rock either of these and clear most levels.


Mozart is an interesting tower because he buffs your other units but does not do much himself. At max level, Mozart can cause your towers to do double damage. Position him well, and he’s a fantastic late-game character that is well worth the money.


Swarm is the first legendary character added to the game, and while some players don’t like him, he has really solid range and moderate damage. He is not as powerful as Spiritual Zaigo damage-wise, but he makes up for it with range.


Raiton is a character that has a stun and has a great range. Aside from Dojimaru, Raiton is probably the best crowd-control character you can use. If you manage to pick one of these up early, consider putting it in your loadout.


Dojimaru is another super strong support character. While it does not output much damage, it has a very strong area of effect stun that is super useful in solo or group play. It is worth leveling this one up if you are first playing through the game, as it will save you a lot of headaches.

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