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Roblox Metaverse Champions Games List

Roblox Metaverse Champions Games List

Roblox Metaverse Champions event starts today, a brand new type of event beginning on April 15 through May 14. Players can go through various Roblox games in search of hidden chests that contain accessories for their avatar. There are four Metaverse Champions, each with their own avatar bundles. Here’s a complete list of the Roblox Metaverse Champions games list, and a rundown on how the event works.

How does the Roblox Metaverse Champions Event Work?

To obtain avatar bundles, players will need to locate hidden mystery boxes located inside participating games. Mystery boxes will be turned into an exclusive avatar accessory themed after each Champion at the end of the event.

Each week, 45 different Roblox games will have one of the four Champion’s mystery boxes inside them. To get the boxes, players will need to complete a particular task inside each game. The task rewards players with the corresponding Champions’ mystery box. You only have to collect one box per Champion per week to represent all of the Champions. However, if you only want to go for a single Champion, that’s just one box per week. After finding all four mystery boxes each week, you’ll get that Champion’s avatar bundle.

Here’s the breakdown of when each week of Roblox Metaverse Champions crates begins and ends:

  • Week 1: April 15 to April 22
  • Week 2: April 22 to April 30
  • Week 3: April 30 to May 7
  • Week 4: May 7 to May 14

The event is also a competition, and the Champion with the highest overall score will be crowned the winner. So, if you want a particular Champion to win, make sure to represent them by completing their tasks every week! The more boxes you collect for a given Champion, the more points they receive at the end of the event. The winner will get an exclusive avatar item. Head to the Metaverse Champions Hub to get started.

Metaverse Champions and Games List

Here are all four Metaverse Champions and their corresponding games list:

AJ Striker Games

He’s a battle-hardened veteran, and his cyborg arm is a trend of the 2100s. He made and attached it himself, after all. Earn this bundle by collecting all four of AJ’s Crate Drops and returning to the Metaverse Champion’s Hub. 

Here’s a list of AJ Striker’s Metaverse Champions Games:

Sparks Kilowatt Games

This ball of energetic starlight is sure to put a smile on your face. If a simple “Hello!” doesn’t send her through the roof, her rocket boots will! Earn this bundle by collecting all four of Spark’s Secret Packages and returning to the Metaverse Champion’s Hub.

Here are Sparks Kilowatt’s Metaverse Champions games:

Fey Yoshida Games

You’re sure to find her artwork scattered throughout every major metropolitan area on the planet. She screams, “Neon Lights. The Midnight Hour. Rebellion!” Earn this bundle by collecting all four of Fey’s Terror Cases and returning to the Metaverse Champions Hub. 

Here are Fey Yoshida’s Metaverse Champions games:

Wren Brightblade Games

They are no stranger to a great adventure. If you’ve got a quest, you can bet on them to complete it! Earn this bundle by collecting all four of Wren’s Treasure Chests and returning to the Metaverse Champions Hub. 

Here are Wren Brightblade’s Metaverse Champions games:

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