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How to get the Dragon Pet in Islands

Learn how to get the Dragon Pet in Roblox Islands from the new Underworld area!
How to get the Dragon Pet in Roblox Islands

The Roblox Islands update on September 11, 2021, introduced the Underworld, including some new enemies and an all-new pet. Many players wonder how to get the Dragon Pet in Islands, as the process is not clearly explained anywhere in the game. Luckily, it’s straightforward to learn how to do it, but it will require a lot of luck or persistence.

How to get the Dragon Pet in Islands

  1. Go to the Underworld.
  2. Defeat the Infernal Dragon.
  3. Obtain the Infernal Dragon Egg.
  4. Hatch the Dragon Egg.

The first step to getting the Dragon Pet in Roblox Islands is to make your way to the Underworld. You will need to defeat the Infernal Dragon to obtain an Infernal Dragon Egg. The Infernal Dragon Egg is a guaranteed (100%) reward from killing the Infernal Dragon.

Fighting the Infernal Dragon can be a challenging battle. You or a player on your server must pay 500 Underworld Tokens to spawn this enemy. The dragon does a lot of damage, so you should be careful to avoid any fire breaths and try to make your way through the small opening to avoid being hit. 

After you slay the Infernal Dragon, all players in the fight will receive an Infernal Dragon Egg. The item functions similar to eggs in other Roblox games, meaning you can hatch it to obtain random loot. You can hatch the egg or open it like you would a Treasure Chest. Place it on the ground, walk over to it, and press F to open it. Rewards inside of Infernal Dragon Eggs can range from anything from Opal items to Underworld Tokens or even the rare Dragon Pet.

The Dragon Pet has a small chance of dropping out of the Infernal Dragon Egg. It is considered very rare, so you will likely need to kill the Infernal Dragon many times and hatch many Dragon Eggs before you finally obtain the Dragon Pet. It is entirely luck-based, though, so it’s possible to get it on your first try if lady luck is on your side.

When you finally obtain a Dragon Pet, you can name it whatever you like!

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