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Roblox Bomb Simulator Codes (October 2023)

Roblox Bomb Simulator Codes (June 2020)

Looking for Roblox Bomb Simulator Codes? We have a list of up-to-date codes that update as soon as new codes release. These promo codes can get you free coin boosts, gem boosts, gems, and pets. Using these can help you upgrade faster to destroy more bombs.

Bomb Simulator is a Roblox game where players can use their weapons to blow up bombs. Collect coins and gems to upgrade your weapons, buy new swords, and unlock new areas. Finding rare hats and hatching eggs can help you master the game. 

Roblox Bomb Simulator codes

  • Grumpy: Youtube Pet (New)
  • GoldPotion: Free Gold Potion
  • DarkPotion: Free Dark Potion
  • Bomby: Gem Boost (x2)
  • boostcoin1: Coin Boost (x2)
  • 60KLIKES – Free pet
  • Gemboost2 – Gem Boost (x2) for 15 minutes
  • 45KLIKES – Gem Boost (x2) for 1 hour
  • COINZ – Coin Boost (x2) for 15 minutes
  • SecretHat – Luck Boost (x2)
  • 30KLIKES – Dominus Icy Pet
  • Gems – Gem Boost (x2) for 1 hour
  • 15KLIKES – 15KLikes Pet
  • ItsKolapo – Free Gems (1,000)
  • GemBoost – Gem Boost (x2) for 15 minutes
  • Apology – Coin Boost (x2) for 1 hour
  • FreeCoinBoost – Coin Boost (x2) for 15 minutes
  • FreeBoost – Coin Boost (x2) for 15 minutes
  • 5KLIKES – Redeem for a 5kLikes Pet
  • razorfishgaming – RazorFishGaming Pet
  • Snuggie – Snuggie Pet
  • Russo – Russo Pet
  • MayRushArt – MayRushArt Pet
  • ToadBoiGaming – ToadBoi Pet
  • JoJo – JoJo Pet
  • CDTV – CDTV Pet
  • Defildplays – Defildplays Pet

How-to Redeem Roblox Bomb Simulator Codes

Redeem any of the Roblox Bomb Simulator codes listed above by clicking on the settings option in-game. You will see a green button on the menu that says Codes. Copy and paste or manually enter any of these codes into the window and hit enter to get your prize. Refer to the image below if you have any issues finding the Settings and Codes menus.

How-to Play Bomb Simulator

Like most simulator games in Roblox, you have to collect coins and gems to upgrade your player. Using items will improve your character’s attack speed and attack damage, which is essential for leveling up fast. Pets increase your run speed, which lets you move quickly and destroy more bombs.

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