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Roblox Banana Eats Codes (October 2021)

Roblox Banana Eats Codes

Looking for the latest Roblox Banana Eats codes? Banana Eats is a mix of horror and puzzle game created by developer RyCitrus for Roblox. The objective is to survive by any means necessary while hiding from a Banana who’s objective is to eat everybody. Players can complete puzzles around the map to reduce the time in the round. On the other hand, Banana can increase the time in the match by devouring players. 

The game developers occasionally release codes, which players can redeem for in-game skins and other items. They will not increase your odds of survival, but they certainly make you look cooler. Use these codes to get free skins and coins and customize your character.

Roblox Banana Eats Codes

Here are the latest working codes for Banana Eats:

  • 300MILLION – Free Banana (New)
  • FREECOINS – 200 Coins

Expired Codes

  • 200MILLION – Free Banana Skin
  • BANANALOVES – Chocolates Skin
  • LUCKYPEEL – Lucky Peel Skin
  • LUCKYBEACON – Beacon Skin
  • FREELOOT – 200 Coins
  • FREEBEANS – Banana Skin
  • BIGUPDATES2021 – Free Snow Peel Skin
  • SNOWDAYS – Free Snowman Banana Skin
  • BUGOFF – Redeem this code for 100 Coins.
  • 100MILLION – Redeem this code for an exclusive “Baby Banana” Beacon.
  • FREECOINS – Redeem for free coins.
  • MORECOINS – Redeem for free coins.
  • SPARECHANGE – Redeem for free coins.

How to Redeem Codes in Banana Eats

Redeeming codes in Banana Eats is simple. Open up the game and look for the code button on the bottom of the screen. A window will pop up with an area for you to enter in one of the codes above. Copy and paste the code, or type it in, and redeem it for your free rewards.

How to Redeem Codes in Banana Eats

Latest Updates:
🎁Use code “BUGOFF” for free coins.
• Added “Cookie Dough Killer” skin.
• Big peels count decreases from 12 to 10.
• Small red peel stun time increases from 3.5 to 4 seconds.
• Fixed missing beacon and inability to crouch when spawning.
• Fixed a game-breaking bug.

Coming Soon:
• Pro servers
• New Map
• Live Event

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