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Roblox Apeirophobia Level 7 — How to Solve Color Code

It's a lot easier than it seems!

It’s probably safe to say that The Backrooms is the latest online horror craze, akin to The Slenderman. For those not in the know, The Backrooms is an idea coined initially on 4chan in a thread related to unsettling images. It was then popularized by Kane Pixels’ found footage series of the same name. The Backrooms is a liminal space designed to evoke the fear of infinite and endless — Apeirophobia, if you will.

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Apeirophobia is an experience created by Polaroid Studios for the Roblox platform. In the game, players can explore The Backrooms to their heart’s content. It’s an endless spiral of looping hallways and textures, but if you can find the exit … you may have a chance of making it home. There are 13 levels total in this horror experience, but we’re going to focus on the seventh. Here’s how to solve the color code.

How to Solve the Color Code

OK — so, you’ve made it all the way to level 7. It’s here where you’ll encounter the most frightening beast of all; that’s correct: numbers. It would seem that there are no entities on this level, meaning you can take all the time you need to work through this puzzle. That’s good, because you may need it.

In the beginning of this bookstore-like level, you’ll see a desktop computer. This will be the most valuable tool in solving this color combination. It’s important to note the numbers assigned to each color. Red = 1, Green = 2, Blue = 3, and so on. Also, consider the priority given to each color. I can imagine that some of you are already annoyed at how complicated this is, but bear with me for a moment.

Now; scattered around the room will be a series of colored orbs. It’s up to you to find all of them, keeping track of how many orbs of each color you find. This is how you’ll find the correct combination to input. So, if the legend looks like this:

Red = 1Priority: 1
Green = 2Priority: 2
Blue = 3Priority: 3
Grey = 4Priority: 4
Yellow = 5Priority: 5
Purple = 6Priority: 6
Orange = 7Priority: 7

And, let’s say for the sake of argument that you find 3 purple orbs, 2 grey orbs, and 3 blue orbs. Head back to the desktop computer and get ready for some number crunching. OK, so since blue has a priority of 3, and since we found 3 blue orbs, the first two numbers will be 33. Because we found 3 orbs colored blue, and blue is equivalent to 3 in our legend. So, 33.

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Then, we have 2 grey orbs. Grey has a priority of 4, so it’s our next priority. If there are two grey orbs, then the next two numbers will be 24, since we found 2 orbs colored grey, which is equivalent to 4. So, it’s here where our total combination (so far) would look like this: 3324. Still with me? Let’s finish strong.

Lastly, we found 3 purple orbs. Now, purple has a priority of 6, so it’s the last one we’d input. If we follow the model we used for the first four numbers, then the last two should be 36. This would make our full combination 332436. It will be a different combination for each playthrough, so there’s no way for me to give you the answer here. If you input that combination, however, the computer will spit out a four digit combination that you should write down or type into the chat. You’ll use this four digit code on the door in the top left of the level, which will lead to the next area.

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