The 8th Annual Bloxy Awards are underway, and players can acquire some pretty cool items by participating in the experience. If you’re someone who likes collecting skins and accessories, you might want to take advantage of this while it lasts. The Bloxy Awards begin today, Saturday, March 27. Here’s a look at all the Roblox Bloxy Awards 2021 items.

Roblox Bloxy Awards 2021 Items

Here’s a full list of the Roblox Bloxy Awards 2021 items that are now available:

How to get the Imagination Core in Roblox

To get the Imagination Core, enter into the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards experience. Once you’re in, go down the hall and get on the big ship to travel to the Metaverse. The ship will return after it completes its journey, and you should get a badge and an Imagination Core for going along on the ride.

How to get the Metaverse Backpack

To get the cool-looking Metaverse Backpack, you will have to complete the scavenger hunt in the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards experience. Collect all eight items, including 2 Tickets, 2 Plushies, Imagination Core, Bloxy Cola, Wrench, and Helmet.

How to unlock the Bloxy Builder’s Helmet, and Construction Shirt and Pants

To unlock the free concession stand items, you can launch the Roblox 8th Annual Bloxy Awards experience and visit any of the four shops in-game. Make sure to collect your outfit, and the items will be yours. You can view your items by going into your inventory.