RNG to Represent China over Former World Champions FPX
Image via YouTube/LPL

Taking the series in four games, RNG has comfortably secured the LPL 2021 Playoff Championship and will be representing China and the LPL in the upcoming Mid-Season Showdown.  The Playoff Finals were held in front of a live audience to help fuel the ambitions of each sides’ players.  RNG was held as a top-tier world contender during the 2018-2019 era and looks to make its ascent to the throne yet again.  

The Fall of the Phoenix

Since its inception, Funplus Phoenix has had a meteoric rise to fame, securing the 2019 World Championship and cementing the names of its players in history.  FPX has since made a huge roster change in the top lane by recruiting Nugiri from the 2020 World Championship team.  All indicators pointed to FPX continuing to be a powerhouse, with its core of Tian lurking in the jungle and Doinb holding down the fort in mid lane.  Although achieving 2nd place is still an impressive feat considering their middling 6th place finish in the regular season, FPX will now know the taste of defeat after coming so close to the 2021 Spring LPL Championship.

Image via YouTube/LPL

RNG – Golden Year to Newfound Hope

With world-class ADC Uzi, Royal Never Give Up were on track to secure the coveted Golden Year by winning Spring Split, Summer Split, MSI, and Worlds.  Since Uzi departed from the organization for health reasons, RNG’s future has been questionable.  After suffering through a couple of years of mediocre success in the LPL, RNG may have found the formula to become a top-tier team once again.  Although the score will read 3-1 in news articles online, make no mistake; RNG steamrolled FPX decidedly in games 2-4.  RNG knows, better than most teams, that taking down world champions is one task but becoming world champions is a whole other beast in itself.