Where to Find All Armor in Remnant 2

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Part of what makes games like Remnant 2 enjoyable is the euphoric feeling of finding new loot. More specifically, armor fulfils a very necessary part of your characters equipment. And there are a fair amount of shiny and stylish gear for players to find. From the futuristic Space Worker Suit, to the illustrious and gilded Fae Royal Set, players are able to mix and match any set of armor. This type of customization allows you to tweak your mobility features along with stats, and find the right middle ground for your build. Finding all this different equipment won’t be easy, and you might not be able to get every armor set on your first run. But we’re going to head to the haberdashery and figure out where to find all armor in Remnant 2.

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Where to Find All Armor in Remnant 2

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As of Remnant 2’s launch there are a total of 18 armor sets for players to find/buy/craft, along with 2 extra head armor that don’t belong to any specific set. Because of this, we’ll be listing those before the other armor. This list will cover all the stats for each armor set, as well as it’s weight. There’s no restrictions as to which pieces of armor you can wear, however you’ll want to make sure to keep an eye on your overall weight.

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With all of that out of the way, here’s our list detailing where to find all armor in Remnant 2:

Armor NameArmor StatWeightBleed Res.Fire Res.Shock Res.Blight Res.Toxin Res.Location
Lodestone Crown (Head)53-20-150Yaesha – The Lament
Navigator’s Helm (Head)128-1-12-13Kill a rare N’Erud Zombie wearing the helm
Academic’s Set72Medium500715Found on a body during Monster in the Drain event in Losomn
Bruiser Set110Heavy514006Starting armor for Challenger/Sold by Whispers in Ward 13
Dendriod Set47Light100258Root Earth – Ashen Wasteland (secret passageway)
Elder Set44Light012094Purchase Remnant 2 Deluxe/Ultimate Edition
Fae Royal Set107Heavy99070Losomn – Postulant’s Parlor
Field Medic Set68Medium150082Starting armor for Medic/Sold by Whispers in Ward 13
Void Set104Heavy07909Purchase Remnant 2 Deluxe/Ultimate Edition
High Noon Set72Medium010906Starting armor for Gunslinger
Knotted Set100Heavy300715Crafted at Bloodmoon Altar
Leto Mark II Set168Ultra Heavy1010101010Found in Leto’s Stash in Ward 13
Nightstalker Set69Medium675130Starting armor for Hunter/Sold by Whispers in Ward 13
Radiant Set113Heavy551230Purchase Remnant 2 Deluxe/Ultimate Edition
Realmwalker Set40Light54790Starting armor for Explorer
Red Widow Set88Medium1200112Yaesha – The Lament
Space Worker Set44Light431007N’Erud – Void Vessel Facility
Survivor Set60Medium54445Equipped to first character at beginning of game
Technician Set106Heavy051307Starting equipment for Engineer/found on dead body in N’Erud – The Eon Vault
Trainer Set67Medium60837Starting armor for Handler/Sold by Whispers in Ward 13

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