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Recreate This Classic Warcraft 3 Hero With This New Trading Post Item

Become a Classic Master of the Blade
Wow Trading post
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The Trading Post was launched with patch 10.0.5, and with it comes a brand new option to acquire difficult-to-obtain in-game cosmetics each month. One of the best features of World of Warcraft’s cosmetics and transmogrification is the chance to cosplay as some of your favorite Warcraft heroes. A Reddit user has discovered, you may now recreate the Blademaster Transmogrification in WoW Dragonflight by including weapons from this month’s trade post.

Blademaster Transmogrification

Many Orc players in Warcraft 3 have always favored the Blademaster as their Hero unit. Among the Horde, Blademasters are an elite combat force. These superb swordsmen were previously members of the ill-fated Burning Blade Clan, which was engulfed by Demonic corruption. To recreate this classic look, plate users, that may equip two handed swords, will only have to gather a total of 4 items to complete this recreated look. The first three items are available from previously featured content and are as follows:

  • Waist: Eternal Aspirant’s Plate Greatbelt (Vendor)
  • Legs: Heavy Alloy Legplates (Tussle Tonks Operation: Mechagon Heroic)
  • Feet: Battlefield Messenger’s Slippers (Vendor)

Blademasters Weapon

This month’s Trading Post rewards provide the last piece for this classic aesthetic. The Triumphant Blademaster’s Greatsword may be obtained via the trading post for 225 Trader’s Tender. The Shadowy Blademaster’s Greatsword is also available if you want to go for a darker theme with this design.

Wow Trading post
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In World of Warcraft, the trading post has been a welcome addition to getting transmogrifications. This month’s items have provided us with a plethora of new cosmetic items to pick from. Now that we may recreate the Blademaster Transmogrification in World of Warcraft Dragonflight, we wonder what other iconic characters we can duplicate next month.

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