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Rain World – How to Unlock Secret Slugcat

Secret slugkitties!!
Slugcats in Rain World
Image via Videocult

Rain World is a beautiful game that allows players to integrate themselves into a gorgeous, mystical world as a slugcat. Slugcats are cat-like creatures that must find creative ways to survive in the hostile, rainy environment that they call home. Hunting for food, shelter, and allies in a flooded world full of enemies is no easy feat, but if there’s one thing slugcats are good at, it’s persevering against all odds (and looking cute while doing it)!

Rain World recently got a new DLC called the Downpour DLC. This DLC introduced five new slugcats to the game, in addition to numerous other exciting features. What many people don’t realize, however, is that there is actually a secret sixth slugcat that was added in this DLC. Keep reading if you want to figure out how to get your hands on this exclusive slugcat!

How to Unlock Secret Slugcat in Rain World

The first thing you’ll have to do to get the secret slugcat in Rain World is to make sure you’ve got the Downpour DLC fully downloaded. If you don’t have the DLC downloaded, this unfortunately won’t work. After you have purchased and downloaded the Downpour DLC, follow these steps to unlock the secret slugcat:

  • Open Rain World (with the Downpour DLC fully installed) on your PC or console.
  • Click on the Remix button on the game’s Main Menu.
  • Click on the More Slugcats Expansion tab on the left side of the screen.
  • Click on the Cheats tab.
  • Click on the Continue button.
    • The game should give you a warning informing you that it is not recommended to enable cheats on your first playthrough. It’s up to your whether or not you continue, but if you don’t, you won’t be able to get the secret slugcat.
  • Click on the Unlock All Campaigns button from the Cheats menu.
  • Click on the Apply button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Return to the Main Menu by clicking the Exit button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Once you’re back on the Main Menu, simply type “sofanthiel” and wait. The screen should go black and then re-open the Main Menu.
  • Click on the Story button in the new Main Menu.
  • Congratulations! If you carefully followed all of these steps, you should now have the secret slugcat in Rain World!
    • The slugcat’s name will be ??? and the game will look different than before, don’t freak out when you see this because it’s supposed to happen!

The secret slugcat is definitely a feature that no one saw coming when this DLC was announced, but it’s best not to look that gift horse in the mouth. Enjoy playing with your brand new secret slugcat in Rain World!

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Rain World is the perfect game for platform gamers and animal lovers alike. If you love playing games with animals in them, then you should definitely check out Gamer Journalist’s recommendation list for all of the best games on the market for animal lovers!

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