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Ragnarok Origin Class Guide – Job Progressions

Learn how the eighteen different classes interlink in this Ragnarok Origin Class Guide.
Rangarok Origin Class Guide

When you create your first Ranganrok Origin character, you’re nothing but a simple novice. No good equipment, no special abilities, and no clear purpose. But as you level, the world expands, and you find out there are tons of different classes and paths to choose from. Let’s take a look at a Ragnarok Origin class guide to learn about the job progressions. 

Ragnarok Origin has six main classes which each has two secondary job progressions. Here are the levels required to unlock each job (class).

  • Base Level 10 – First Job
    • Swordsman, Mage, Acolyte, Thief, Archer, Merchant
  • Base Level 40 / Job Level 40 – Second Job
    • Knight, Wizard, Priest, Assassin, Hunter, Blacksmith
  • Base Level 70 / Second Job Level 40 – Third Job
    • Lord Knight, High Wizard, High Priest, Assassin Cross, Sniper, Whitesmith

Swordsman > Knight > Lord Knight

The swordsman is a very straightforward and beginner-friendly class. Equipped with melee weapons, your job is to get in the enemy’s faces and act as a tank. You are the primary protector of the group but can also dish out some serious damage. Your stats will be STRAGI, and DEX. The swordsman can progress into a Knight and Lord Knight.

Mage > Wizard > High Wizard

The mage is a big damage dealer, and your primary role is to nuke down mobs. You’re a bit squishy, so you have to make sure you don’t get hit too often. The mage is also a great farming class. If you like playing casters, this is the class for you. The mage can progress into a Wizard and High Wizard, and your primary stats will be DEX and INT.

Acolyte > Priest > High Priest

The acolyte is the primary healer class in Ragnarok Origin. You will be in high demand for groups, along with a good knight. You can dish out some decent PVE damage by building out a battle priest, but they aren’t as valuable for groups. Starting out, your stat focus will be DEX and INT. After leveling, you will progress to a Priest and High Priest.

Thief > Assassin > Assassin Cross

If you like lurking in the shadows, the thief class is the job for you. The thief is a fast attacking class where your focus is to backstab your enemies. With the thief, your primary attribute focus should be STR and AGI. Once leveled high enough, you can progress to an Assassin and then an Assassin Cross.

Archer > Hunter > Sniper

The hunter is a powerful ranged class in Ragnarok Origin. The archer is a great class if you’re going to be playing solo but can still be utilized will in parties. Your primary attribute focus will be AGI and DEX. As you progress, you can build out a Hunter and then a Sniper.

Merchant > Blacksmith > Whitesmith

The merchant is one of the more unique classes in Ragnarok Origin. This class provides massive benefits to your trading ability and helps you make some in-game cash. Even tho merchants deal with coins, they are still powerful. Your primary attributes will be STRAGI, and DEX. You can level into a Blacksmith and then a Whitesmith.

We hope you found this Ragnarok Origin class guide useful. Stay tuned for build guides and tips for each class. You can also check out our Ragnarok codes page for the latest game codes. Happy gaming!

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