Ragnarok Origin Class Guide
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Ragnarok Origin Class Guide – Job Progressions

Six unique classes offer plenty of opportunities for every kind of player.

I know how it feels like when you join Ragnarok Origin for the first time and see all those dazzling messages pop up. Even though the game guides you through a pretty solid tutorial, you are most likely left with many questions, the main one being what the classes are and how they progress. This is only natural since your class choice will define your future gameplay, so you don’t want to make the wrong choice at the beginning.

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Let’s take a look at a Ragnarok Origin class guide to learn about job progressions. 

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All Classes and Job Progression in Ragnarok Origin

When you create your first Ranganrok Origin character, you’re a simple novice. No good equipment, no special abilities, and not much stats (yet). But as you level up, the world expands, and you find out that there are tons of different classes and paths to choose from.

Each path and subclass offers unique bonuses and skills that you can utilize in your powerful builds to either be the one who will bring down devastating damage on your enemies or the one who will offer support for his allies.

Ragnarok Origin mobile has 6 main classes (1st job), and each has its own subdivisions (2nd job, 3rd job, and sometimes a 4th job). Take a look at the full list below to get familiar with all the classes and subclasses in Ragnarok Origin.


  • Knight > Lord Knight > Rune Knight
  • Crusader > Paladin

The swordsman is a very straightforward and beginner-friendly class. Every time I play a new RPG game I like to pick the simplest of the bunch to get a feel of things before I really dive in. Equipped with melee weapons, your job is to get in the enemy’s faces and act as a tank. You are the primary protector of the group but can also dish out some serious damage. Even though Swordsman can be a simpler class when compared to the rest, it doesn’t mean that he is in any way simple. You will have a ton of unique skills to use and combine for the ultimate impact on the battlefield.

Your primary stats will be STRAGI, and DEX. The swordsman has two progressions. The first progression takes him to a Knight and Lord Knight, and lastly to Rune Knight, while the second one offers him to be a Crusader and Paladin.


  • Wizard > High Wizard > Warlock
  • Sage > Scholar

Mage is a big damage dealer, and your primary role is to nuke down mobs. You’re a bit squishy, so you have to make sure you don’t get hit too often. This class is also great for farming, and if you like playing casters, this is the ideal class for you. Keep in mind that landing strong spell combos and playing with the mage, in general, can be tricky if you’re unfamiliar with the game.

The primary stats for Mages are DEX and INT, and it can progress in a couple of ways. The First progression of Mage takes you to Wizard, High Wizard, and eventually powerful Warlock, and the second one will see you become a Sage and then Scholar. As we wrote in our article about the best build for the Wizard, his line is focused more on damage, while the Sage line’s strength is disabling and saving your teammates.


  • Priest > High Priest > Archbishop
  • Monk > Champion

The Acolyte is the primary healer class in Ragnarok Origin, so you’ll need to take your foot off damage spells and skills supporting DPS output and focus on helping allies unless you go for Monk/Champion. In that case, you are a full martial arts expert whose main goal is to crush every enemy in front of him. You will be in high demand for groups, along with a good knight. You can also dish out some decent PVE damage by building out a battle priest, but they aren’t as valuable for groups.

Starting out, your stat focus will be DEX and INT. Your Acolyte can branch out to either a Priest, High Priest, and Archbishop, or Monk and Champion. The first pair is the support build, while the latter pair are bringing out the devastating spirit of the Acolyte. If there’s a healer in you, you can check out our guide on the best High Priest skill build.


  • Assassin > Assassin Cross > Guillotine Cross
  • Rogue > Stalker

If you like lurking in the shadows and sneaking up on your enemies, the Thief class is the job for you. The Thief is a fast-attacking class where your focus is to backstab your enemies. With the Thief, your primary attribute focus should be STR and AGI. Once leveled high enough, you can progress to an Assassin and then an Assassin Cross, and Guillotine Cross, or Rogue and Stalker. The Assassin line will put you in a position to backstab and poison enemies, while the Rogue/Stalker line is for players who like sneaking around, disabling enemies, and finding their weaknesses.

Keep in mind that this class is pretty squishy, so if I were you, I would want to keep those fingers on my best escape skills when in big fights.


  • Hunter > Sniper > Ranger
  • Bard > Minstrel
  • Dancer > Diva

The Hunter is a powerful ranged class in Ragnarok Origin. The Archer is a great class if you’re going to be playing solo, but it can still be utilized well in a party. Your primary attribute focus will be AGI and DEX. As you progress, you can build out a Hunter and then a Sniper, Bard, and Minstrel, or Dancer and Diva. Snipers are one of the most popular builds right now, so you can check out our guide on the best Sniper skill build. They can also evolve in the only 4th class for Archer right now – Ranger.

If you can have both Minstrel and Diva at your party, that would be great. They are a musician-dancer combo with skills that give additional bonuses when they’re together. I can say that this is quite a unique set of characters, and I recommend you try their mix as soon as you get the chance.


  • Blacksmith > Mastersmith > Mechanic
  • Alchemist > Biochemist

The merchant is one of the more unique classes in Ragnarok Origin. This class provides massive benefits to your trading ability and helps you make some in-game cash. Even though merchants deal with coins, they can still add up to the action. Your primary attributes will be STRAGI, and DEX. You can level into a Blacksmith, Mastersmith, and Mechanic, or Alchemist, Biochemist.

While the first specialization revolves around crafting and upgrading weapons, the second one is focused on creating potions that can either be used as weapons or used to enhance weapons.

I would say this class is most fun when you have played the game for a long time and know all the ins and outs when it comes to character building.

We hope you found this Ragnarok Origin class guide useful. You can also check out our Ragnarok codes and How to Catch a Pet in Ragnarok Origin. Stay up to date with build guides and tips for each class by following us on Facebook.

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