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How to Catch a Pet in Ragnarok Origin

Complete your character by learning how to catch pets in Ragnarok Origin. Become a master pet tamer!
Ragnarok Origin Catch Pet

You might have your first Ragnarok Origin job, mount, and even a mercenary, but your character isn’t truly complete without a pet. Luckily getting a pet isn’t too complicated, and you have a few different ways of getting one. The easiest way is to simply buy a pet at the witches’ pet shop in West Prontera, but that can be very expensive. You can also get certain pets from various events. And lastly, you can catch one. Here is how to catch a pet in Ragnarok Origins.

Taming pets will become available to you upon reaching level 40. At that point, you will be given a Pet Quest to complete. Run through the various steps and get your pet quest completed. As a reward, you will get two items.

These items will be used to tame pets. To catch and tame a pet, open up your new pet menu. You will see all of the pets available, ranging from S-tier to C-tier. Generally, pets B-tier and lower will be tamable for you, so choose one of those pets.

When you click on a pet and then the Acquire button, a location menu will pop up. If it doesn’t, you can’t directly tame that pet. Choose a pet and pick a location to search for your new pet, your character will run there. Once you arrive, you can start roaming the area for your pet. When you find the pet, you will see a net icon appear on your screen. Click the net to attempt to capture the pet. 

ragnarok origin net catch

Unfortunately, your attempt may fail and might take multiple tries. The monster will begin to attack you if your catch fails, and there will also be a cooldown between failed attempts. If you have a successful capture, you will get an egg in your inventory that you can hatch. If you end up running out of pet-catching consumables, you can buy more at the Witch in West Prontera.

That’s all there is to it. You can rename, release or share your pet from the pet screen as well. Be sure to check out our Ragnarok Origin Class Guide and Ragnarok Origin Codes page to learn more about the game. 

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