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Rage of Destiny tier list – the best heroes for PvE and PvP

Rage of Destiny tier list

Rage of Destiny is a mobile RPG game from IGG, where players can summon various heroes and assemble a powerful team to battle through the world. All heroes are not built equally, which makes players wonder who’s the best in Rage of Destiny. Well, we’ve done the work for you and come up with a Rage of Destiny tier list to break down the best heroes for PvE and PvP.

With some help from the Rage of Destiny community, we’ve compiled and sorted the best heroes in the game. We have two separate lists, one for PvE activities like the campaign, Dragon’s Den, Atonement Tower, etc., and one for PvP activities like Arena. Tier lists are always subjective, so that’s fine if you disagree with what’s on the list. You may find some heroes very useful for your particular team, even though we rank them low.

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Rage of Destiny tier list for PvE

  • SS-Tier – Paulus, Ephraim, Hatharal
  • S-Tier – Lovelace, Braelyn, Sierra, Yonala, Posada, Kratos, Eloisa, Dietrich, Moxos, Kali
  • A-Tier – Elizabeth, Khamar, Celero, Thenaron, Khamar, Tsithia, Vardis, Luciano, Bann, Gharr, Ferzac
  • B-Tier – Bodewick, Bouvier, Jessica, Mayelo, Kaus, Grog, Baoui, Aharb, Monica, Sappho
  • C-Tier – Giuseppi, Roxanne, Belfort, Barkin, Virga
  • D-Tier – Thordin, Razoma, Farin, Aravo, Sarkasson

Rage of Destiny tier list for PvP

  • SS-Tier – Hatharal, Ephraim, Moxos
  • S-Tier – Rufina, Posada, Lovelace, Elizabeth, Kali, Dietrich, Paulus, Gharr, Jessica
  • A-Tier – Eloisa, Sappho, Braelyn, Kratos, Ferzac, Bodewick, Sierra, Yonala, Mayelo, Kaus, Belfort, Thenaron, Celero, Aravo, Monica, Aharb, Vardis, Bann, Tsithia
  • B-Tier – Baoui, Giuseppe, Bouvier, Grog, Barkin, Razoma, Barkin, Sarkasson, Sappho
  • C-Tier – Luciano, Thordin, Virga, Roxanne
  • D-Tier – Farin
Rage of Destiny tier list

Feel free to bookmark this page and check back for new updates. When new heroes are released, we’ll add them to our list after properly testing them out and coming to a conclusion. 

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