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Shotgun Telemetry: Quickest way to get 1000 shotgun kills in Destiny 2

1000 shotgun kills in Destiny 2

The community has completed the first step of the Felwinter’s Lie quest, and the next step is to get some shotgun kills. At first glance, this may seem like a crazy amount of kills, but it is not too bad of a task. In this guide, we’ll show you an easy way to get 1000 shotgun kills in Destiny 2 to complete The Lie.

Shotgun Telemetry: Quickest way to get 1000 shotgun kills in Destiny 2

You can complete this step within one hour if you do it right. By using unlimited shotgun ammo against mobs that frequently spawn, blazing through this quest will be no problem. It’s easy to complete as a Warlock, so we recommend doing that first.

Next, make sure you’re running Devour on your Warlock. For a weapon, you can use something like Lord of Wolves with or without the catalyst. For armor, put on everything you have with shotgun mods. Other mods we’re looking to get is Quick Charge, which allows us to charge with light as we get shotgun kills.

Heavy Handed is another great mod here because it will directly add shotgun ammo straight into the weapon after killing enemies. Last, special ammo finder allows us to generate special ammo easier. Finally, Transversive Steps leg armor allows us to move way faster, and auto-reload the Lord of Wolves.

Where to Farm

A good place to bang out your 1,000 shotgun kills is the Castellum on the Leviathan. The reason is that there are unlimited spawning mobs here, unlike other encounters. 

Once you get to the Castellum where enemies start spawning, consume your grenade to activate devour. Now, every kill will generate you some health. Let a few enemies surround you before killing them, so Heavy Handed procs, and you get five ammo back for each kill.

How it works is you keep sprinting, so you don’t need to reload due to Transversive Steps. Shotgun kills will grant light charge, which allows you to use Heavy Handed’s first perk. Melee kills also procs devour, and Bob’s your uncle.

Other players have different methods of completing this task, but most people end up going to the Castellum due to the infinite enemy spawns. I hope this guide helps you quickly get 1,000 shotgun kills in Destiny 2.

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