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PUBG Mobile Oasis Fresh Recipes

PUBG Mobile: Oasis Fresh Recipes

PUBG Mobile players have until next week to participate in the Oasis Fresh event and make some cocktails. For Oasis Fresh, players must collect ingredients and use them in a recipe to make a drink. After crafting your drink, use it in Spawn Island or Cheer Park to get exclusive rewards.

There are over forty recipes in total, and you will need to shake your phone slowly or quickly, depending on the drink you want to make. Different maps have different drop rates for ingredients. You are more likely to find ingredients on the following maps:

  • Syrup: Classic maps
  • Flavoring: Livik map
  • Sour Juice: team play
  • Chili Sauce: Cheer Park
  • Ice: Cheer Park

Remember, the Oasis Fresh event is over on July 27, so be sure to practice your mixologist skills while you still can.

PUBG Mobile: Oasis Fresh Recipes

Here’s a complete list of PUBG mobile Oasis Fresh recipes:

Oasis Fresh RecipesIngredientsShaking Speed
Agent-472 Flavoring, SyrupFast
Apple JuiceSour Juice, 2 Syrup, IceSlow
BambooFlavoring, 2 Sour JuiceSlow
Bitter Gourd Cola2 Flavoring, SyrupSlow
Bloody MyltaChilli Sauce, Sour Juice, SyrupFast
Blue Shoe3 Sour JuiceFast
Cherry Blossom3 SyrupSlow
Chicken Master3 SyrupFast
Chickenpolitan3 Sour JuiceSlow
Citrus Peach Cooler2 Sour Juice, SyrupFast
Concrete2 Flavoring, Chilli SauceSlow
Conflict and Compromise2 Sour Juice, Syrup, IceSlow
Couch Potato2 Chilli Sauce, SyrupSlow
Crystal Colada3 Syrup, IceFast
Curry Honey GlopChilli Sauce, 2 SyrupFast
Expired Bitter Gourd JuiceFlavoring, 2 Chilli SauceFast
Expired Grape VinegarFlavoring, Chilli Sauce, Sour JuiceFast
Ginger MagicFlavoring, Chilli Sauce, SyrupFast
Golden BoyChilli Sauce, 2 SyrupSlow
Golden PunchSour Juice, 2 SyrupFast
Head Hunter2 Chilli Sauce, Sour JuiceSlow
Herbal Chilli Water3 Chilli SauceSlow
Hide in a BushFlavoring, 2 Sour JuiceFast
Hodge PodgeFlavoring, Sour Juice, SyrupSlow
Inferior Lemon Wine2 Chilli Sauce, Sour JuiceFast
Last Word3 FlavoringFast
Lone Wolf2 Flavoring, Sour JuiceFast
Motor Oil2 Flavoring, Chilli SauceFast
Nojito2 Sour Juice, SyrupSlow
Oolong SmoothieFlavoring, 2 SyrupFast
Orange LassiFlavoring, 2 Chilli SauceSlow
Pan52Flavoring, Chilli Sauce, SyrupSlow
Pepper and Ginger Drink3 Chilli SauceFast
Pew Pews2 Chilli Sauce, SyrupFast
Pi-Gi3 Chilli Sauce, IceSlow
Pulp FictionChilli Sauce, 2 Sour Juice, IceSlow
Purple BubbleFlavoring, Sour Juice, SyrupFast
Salty BreezeChilli Sauce, 2 Sour JuiceFast
Salty DeathFlavoring, Chilli Sauce, Sour JuiceSlow
Schezuan SauceChilli Sauce, Sour Juice, SyrupSlow
Severny Sling2 Chilli Sauce, Syrup, IceSlow
Sir Miss-a-lotChilli Sauce, 2 Sour JuiceSlow
Snake Gall Special3 FlavoringSlow
Sweet ThoughtsSour Juice, 2 SyrupSlow
TBCFlavoring, 2 SyrupSlow
Too Soon2 Flavoring, Sour JuiceSlow

PUBG Mobile Oasis Fresh Rewards

For completing this PUBG challenge, players will receive the following list of rewards:

  • 10 Drinks: Coupon for Supply Crate
  • 15 Drinks: Rose Sunglasses
  • 20 Drinks: 5 Coupon Scraps for Classic Crates
  • 25 Drinks: 300 AG
  • 30 Drinks: Pilot Jacket
  • 34 Drinks: Skin – SKS Tsunami
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