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Project Zomboid – How to Get Tarp

It's not as hard to get as you think!
Exploring in Project Zomboid
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Project Zomboid is a survival game about trying to survive the zombie apocalypse for as long as possible. Obviously, this is easier said than done, but it’s especially difficult in Project Zomboid; the zombies in this game are literally endless, and their numbers only increase the longer you manage to survive. Trying to survive in a world without any humans is bad enough, but trying to do so while slowly being overwhelmed by zombies is even worse. This fast-paced RPG is perfect for anyone looking for a challenge!

Supplies are essential to the success of any Project Zomboid playthrough, though obtaining them is a lot easier said than done. Most of the item spawns in this game are completely random, which makes it difficult to know where to look for supplies, no matter how many times you’ve played it. One of the most beneficial resources you’re able to forage in Project Zomboid is Tarp, which can be used for making life-saving campsites. Use this guide if you’re having trouble finding Tarp in Project Zomboid!

How to Get Tarp in Project Zomboid

Tarp is really only used to craft Tent Kits in Project Zomboid, but Tent Kits alone are reason enough to hunt this resource down. Tent Kits can be lifesavers in this game, no self-respecting Project Zomboid player would be caught dead (no pun intended) without one during a playthrough. Unfortunately, Tarps, which are the Tent Kits’ main ingredient, can be rather difficult to find.

For the most part, Tarps are mostly found in Crates, which are more commonly found in Project Zomboid’s ruined cities. Diving headfirst into the zombie-infested concrete jungles of this game may not seem appealing, but it’s the best place to look for Tarps and many other useful supplies. Crates have a higher chance of spawning near Warehouses, so always be on the lookout for Warehouses whenever you’re in need of Tarp in Project Zomboid.

Image via The Indie Stone

Urban areas feature a lot more goodies than just Tarps, like numerous types of food, weapons, clothing, and even medicine. If you’re heading into town to grab Tarps in Project Zomboid, it’s recommended that you grab as many other useful items as you can as well, so you won’t have to make another risky trip soon after the first one.

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Project Zomboid may be one of the toughest zombie survival games ever made, but it’s definitely not the only tough zombie survival game ever made. If you feel like you’ve already played Project Zomboid more times than you can count, try checking out Gamer Journalist’s guides for DayZ or The Last of Us. These games are just as tough, if not tougher, than Project Zomboid; you definitely won’t be getting bored with them anytime soon!

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