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Phantom Brigade – How to Find Generator for Turrets

Figure out where these pesky buildings are hiding!
Phantom Brigade Mech Selection
Image via Brace Yourself Games

Phantom Brigade is a futuristic take on the mech combat genre in gaming where you must fight with the Phantom Brigade to take back their homeland from invaders. Choose from a wide variety of different weapons as you customize your loadout to have the best chance of success, and work with others or go it alone as you battle enemies across a wide variety of locations. This game also has a timeline combat feature, which means that you can see 5 seconds ahead of what actually happens and therefore are able to anticipate what your enemy will do. However, they also have that power so be sure to switch up your actions and stay unpredictable! In this guide we will cover how to find a generator in Phantom Brigade, which is what powers those pesky turrets that deal tons of damage.

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How Do You Find Generators in Phantom Brigade

There are plenty of different enemies that you will have to take on in Phantom Brigade, ranging from lethal to mildly annoying in terms of their difficulty. None are more infuriating to go up against than turrets, which are buildings that will continue chipping away at your mech’s hitpoints until it’s finished. Although it is possible to avoid their range, turrets can create choke points and complicate missions tenfold. Therefore it is important to take out the generator that powers them, since this will shut them down for good.

Unfortunately for gamers who were looking for an easy solution, generators are notoriously hard to spot when you are in a battle. The building blends in very well with its surroundings, and you may need to spend some time looking around for it while in the midst of a fight. Keep an eye out for a building that has two blue lights on the top, and destroy that thing immediately to shut down the turrets. Make sure to use weapons that deal impact damage such as missiles and laser beams, since you have to fully finish off a generator for it to stop working.

If you’re looking for more tactics when dealing with generators, know that you will want to prioritize them and stop the building from being operational as quickly as possible in the game. This is because taking one down can open a gap in your enemy’s defenses and lead to a lightning fast victory for your side after the generator falls. Since turrets rely on the generator, it’s often more economical in terms of time to simply focus on the generator.

How Do You Take Down Turrets in Phantom Brigade?

So you can’t find the generator, or one doesn’t exist, and now you’re wondering how to destroy turrets in the game? We have you covered! Using weapons that deal high damage to stationary targets, such as impact damage weapons, is the key to destroying these troublesome defenders. Turrets check for any targets in their range every round in Phantom Brigade, so you only want your mech to be within that range for as little time as possible. Destroy the turrets with guns that can hit them while you’re outside their range, or close in and bear the damage while using missiles to punish it with heavy impact damage, which is similar to the generator’s weakness.

That marks the end of our generator guide for Phantom Brigade! We hope you enjoyed it, and feel free to check out Gamer Journalist on Facebook so that you can join the discussion and keep up to date with our newest content. Don’t miss our helpful tutorial on how to get plated armor in XCOM 2.

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