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Pet Simulator X – how to get the Dominus Egg

Pet Simulator X is a new game launch in the Roblox metaverse. Many players who have been figuring out this game are wondering how to unlock the last gate and get into the final zone. As you begin collecting pets, you’ll, of course, want the best pet in the game. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the Dominus Egg in Pet Simulator X.

Before diving in, you will need many diamonds to get the most powerful pet in the game. Head over to our Pet Simulator X codes section to get a little boost. You can grab over 20,000 free diamonds by just using our guide.

How to get the Dominus Egg in Pet Simulator X

  1. Open the gate behind all the pets in the shop for 100,000 Diamonds
  2. Purchase the Dominus Egg for one billion Coins

To get the Dominus Egg, you will need to unlock every other zone in the game, including the Cave area, which costs 250,000,000 to open. After that, teleport to the Shop area and head to the gate behind all the pets.

Interact with the gate, and you will need to sacrifice 100,000 Diamonds to open it. Upon opening the gate, you will get The Forsaken Gate achievement, which rewards 666,666,666 Coins. Proceed down the staircase, and you can purchase the Dominus Egg for 1,000,000,000 Coins. 

To get more Diamonds and Coins, make sure to claim your rank Rank Rewards whenever possible. You can also try opening many eggs and completing all of the achievements that you can for extra Diamonds. When you have enough to purchase multiple Dominus Eggs, you can fuse them into Domortuus!

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