Palworld Beginner Pal Guide: Best Pals for Farming, Hunting, and More

Which Pals should be your best pals?
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Getting into Palworld can feel overwhelming, and it’s natural that you would want to find a guide that will walk you through the basics. One of the most essential things for your early game in this adventure is knowing which Pals to catch.

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Of course, there are more ways to optimize your starting strategy in Palworld, but we want to present you with the one we believe is the most effective. Stick with us as we give you a step-by-step guide on what Pals are the best when you are just starting out your Palworld adventure.

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Best Pals for Beginners in Palworld

Before we dive into our list of best Pals for your early game, we need to outline some of the most important aspects of the game. Before you start exploring the map and getting high levels, you need to establish a base and a steady production of unlimited Food as well as a good income of Wood and Stone.

Getting the necessary starting resources will allow you to hunt and explore without looking back too much on whether you have enough Spheres or food for you and your Pals.

Food Production

For streamlined food production, our advice would be to look for the following Pals:

  • Cattiva – Great as a basic worker. If you’re a Warcraft 3 fan, this would be your standard Peon that can build, move things around, mine, and gather food.
  • Tanzee – Awesome worker who can plant seeds on your plantation and harvest the food when it grows. Tanzee’s rifle is pretty powerful and unlocks on level 12, so he can double as a faithful soldier.
  • Pengullet – Every food production needs regular watering, right? That’s Pengullet’s job. He will water your food plantation so you can sit down and relax while this team of Pals creates food for you.

Keep in mind that you would need multiple Pals for the food production to function, so don’t rely on only 2 or 3 from each one. Get as much as you can handle. You can find this Food dream team in the area where you begin your adventure (see the map below for details).

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist / Map Genie

Hunting and Exploring

Before you go out hunting, you need to be well-equipped for it. These Pals will help you in that effort:

  • Vixy – When you put Vixy in the Ranch building, it can produce Pal Spheres, Gold Coins, and Arrows for you, which is essential for every early hunting trip.
  • Katress – This fighter Pal is an awesome sidekick due to her passive ability that makes defeated enemies drop extra resources. When you’re just starting off, you want to get as many goodies as possible so she can prove essential!
  • Daedream – One of the most popular Pals, and not without reason. Everyone loves this cute sidekick because of her ability to sit at your side while allowing you to summon an extra Pal. Having 2 Pals fight with you is OP early on, and you can do it by unlocking Daedream’s Necklace Key Item at level 8.
  • Rushoar/Direhowl/Malpaca – Get either one of these 3 Pals to help you explore the open world. All of them can be ridden and allow you to seamlessly move around the plains, looking for more rare Pals and resources. In addition to their exploring capabilities, Rushoar can be used for mining, Malpaca can produce Wool, and Direhowl is excellent for gathering.

That’s it! We hope your brief guide helped you get a better grip on the world of Palworld. Read more exciting articles about the game like Can You Remove Key Items in Palworld and How to Craft Grizzbolt’s Minigun in Palworld.

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