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Palico Support Types in Monster Hunter Rise

Palico Support Types in Monster Hunter Rise

Palicoes will be your trusty companion on your dangerous journey throughout Monster Hunter Rise. They can provide some much-needed support, but what they do depends on their support type. Did we mention they’re fully customizable? The feline will be at your side from the beginning of your adventure, so it’s good to plan ahead and figure out which support type to use. Here are all the Palico support types in Monster Hunter Rise.

Palico Support Types in Monster Hunter Rise

There are five Palico support types available in Monster Hunter Rise

  • Healer: Assists the hunter with healing.
  • Assist: Ensnares monsters with traps.
  • Fight: Fights alongside and support the hunter.
  • Bombardier: Use bombs to attack monsters.
  • Gathering: Gather rare items while exploring the map.


Perhaps the most supportive Palico support type is the Healer. As the name implies, your Palico will make sure you have plenty of health and top you off when you’re getting your hit points chunked away. Healing is always a dangerous maneuver while in combat, meaning this one might come in handy.


The assist Palico support type will make your good pal drop traps around the area. Effects can ensnare monsters, disabling and disorienting their movement, allowing you to get extra shots into the mix. Palico traps are more potent than the hunters’, so the monsters might get caught in them a bit longer than usual.


The fight Palico support type turns your feline into a brawler. It’s a perfect choice for players who want to maximize their damage output, as it gives an attack boost in combat. Fighting Palicoes synergize perfectly with single-player hunters who want a little extra boost in the damage department.


Hunters can easily take down some monsters with bombs, and that’s where the Bombardier Palico comes in handy. The Bombardier support type causes your feline to have an arsenal of bombs at their disposal, with severe explosive damage capable of shredding monsters with even the thickest armor.


Resources are probably the most important thing in Monster Hunter games. It’s all about making sure you get everything you can out of the beast you’ve just slain. A gathering support type Palico is the perfect companion for a journey through the wilderness. You won’t miss any rare resources or materials with this feline by your side.

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