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Nickmercs Warzone Loadout

As players have been fine-tuning the loadouts in Call of Duty: Warzone some unique variations have been spotted. Nickmercs has been running a pretty interesting loadout that’s a little out of the norm.

Let’s take a look at Nickmercs Warzone loadout and weapon configuration.

Primary Weapon: M4A1

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: Stock M16 Grenadier
  • Laser: None
  • Optic: None
  • Stock: No Stock
  • Underbarrel: Standard
  • Ammunition: 60 Round Mags
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape
  • Perk: None

This is a fairly standard M4A1 build right now minus the complete removal of the stock and no optics. Nickmercs loves the builds and it’s definitely worth a try.

Secondary: Any

The secondary weapon isn’t very important for this loadout so you can choose any pistol you like to run.


  • Perk 1: Cold-Blooded
  • Perk 2: Ghost
  • Perk 3: Tracker

The ghost kit makes you basically invisible to radar. Cold-Blooded will help you not get spotted by thermals and Ghost hide you from UAVs, Radar Drones, Heartbeat Sensor, and Snapshot Grenades. Making it one of the most powerful perks in the game. Tracker is added up to allow for some better player hunting and aggressive play.

Tactical and Lethal

Nickmercs Warzone Loadout Lethal

These two slots are essentially personal preferences. Nickmercs likes to run a Semtex nade and a Heartbeat Sensor to help spot enemies closeby that aren’t using the Ghost perk. These can be swapped out for whatever you like best.

Give this loadout a try and see if you like it. Also, check out Summit’s M4A1/Kar98 loadout if you would like to add a scoped rifle to the mix.

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