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Where to find Salt in New World

Salt is one of the many cooking ingredients in New World, and you’ll need it for more than a few recipes. Some of these recipes come from the Town Project Board, which is one reason why salt is so in-demand. If you’re reading this guide, chances are you’ve already seen the inflated salt prices on the Trading Post. Well, after reading to the end, you’ll know where to find Salt in New World, so you’ll have plenty on hand to use or sell for gold.

Salt is considered a Tier 1 seasoning item in New World. Overall, it is used in 35 recipes, varying from useful food buff recipes like Roasted Turkey Thighs to Town Project Board-specific recipes like provisions or stockpiles. Make sure to also check our guides on Herbs, Garlic, and Dill if you find this useful.

Where to find Salt in New World

New World Salt Guide

Salt is found in Provisions Crates in Everfall and Brightwood. If you read our Provisions Crates guide, you know that Salt is region-specific, and exclusive to the Everfall and Brightwood territories. Therefore, it’s an ingredient that can cost a pretty penny to pick up from the Trading Post. For that reason, many players opt to farm for some themselves.

The nice thing about farming for Salt is that the chest spawns are unique for every player. You do not need to worry about heavy competition, as you would with, say, Iron nodes. When running the Salt farming route, you’ll also obtain a bunch of other random ingredients like Wheat, String Beans, Apples, and more. You can also find Tier 3 recipes in the chests we’ll be farming as a bonus.

The economies vary from server to server, but at this point in time, it looks like Salt sells for anywhere from 10 to 30 Gold per. Considering this route can net you between 40-70 Salt per 30 minutes, you’re looking at about 1500 Gold per hour.

New World Salt routes

Here is the route you can follow to find Salt in New World. The route begins at Bearclaw Shrine in eastern Everfall. Remember, Salt only spawns in chests within Everfall and Brightwood. From the Shrine, we go northeast to Longshadow Enclave and then Stonetooth Terrace. From there, we go northwest to Riverworn Grotto.

Here’s the map and route for you to follow:

After finishing the route, you can call it a day or keep going north to Dustmeadow in northern Everfall and Lake Genevieve in Brightwood. Here’s the second portion of this Salt route:

Remember to look at variants of Provisions Chests, and you can also loot any Supply Chests you find along the way for Sandpaper, Crossweave, and other Refining Reagents. Overall, this can be a very profitable route!

That concludes our guide on how and where to find Salt in New World. Note that there are many more locations you can visit, but this is just our preferred route. Visit the interactive New World map to check out more locations. For related content and guides, check out our website’s New World section.

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