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New World Provisions Crates Locations and Farm Routes

New World Provisions Crates Locations and Farm Routes

If you’re looking to become the best chef in Aeternum, you’ll need a lot of random cooking ingredients. The bad news is that some of these ingredients are only obtainable from Provisions Crates in the various territories in New World. Ingredients are also region-specific, so you’ll need to be in certain locations if you are looking for specific ingredients. To help you out with this process, we’ve compiled a list of all the New World Provisions Crates locations and put together a few farm routes.

Aside from containing random things like Wheat and Cheese Bait, Provisions Crates can contain very useful cooking ingredients like Salt, Milk, and more. Check out our New World herb farming guide for a full list of provisions and all the items you can get out of them.

You can see a complete New World Provisions Crates map here if you want to develop your own routes or check if there are any near your current location. 

New World Provisions Crates Locations and Farm Routes

Monarch’s Bluffs – Tres Campos

West of the Hermit’s Shrine, there is a small area known as Tres Campos. You can find five provision chests in this area, making it easily one of the most convenient and easy to farm spots. The mobs here are level 23, making it a viable spot for lower-level players.

New World Monarch's Bluffs Provisions Chests

Monarch’s Bluffs – Deadman’s Cove

You can also check Deadman’s Cove if you’re in Monarch’s Bluffs. This area is on the far west side of the territory, and you can find ten Provisions Crates in total there. There’s a Spirit Shrine to the northeast of the area, so you can start there and make your way west and then south.

New World Monarch's Bluffs Deadman's Cove Provisions Crates

First Light – Nyhart’s Anchorage

Another excellent spot for Provisions Crates is in the northern part of First Light at a place known as Nyhart’s Anchorage. It can be a journey to get here and discover the Spirit Shrine. However, it’s another easy farm like the previous spot once you discover it.

New World First Light Provisions Chests

Cutlass Keys – Ancient’s Pass and Rubble Shores

There is a nice route with over a dozen Provisions Crates in Cutlass Keys. You’ll need to Fast Travel to the Cutlass Keys Village and make your way south on the main road. Take a left at the fork and continue through Ancient’s Pass, where you’ll find 11 chests in total if you scout the entire place. Then, make your way southwest to Rubble Shores to collect another 7 chests.

New World Cutlass Keys Provisions Chests

Cutlass Keys – Balmy Veldt

As an added bonus, if you are following our skinning guide you’ll find yourself over in the Balmy Veldt. While this spot is great for skinning, there are also six provisions crates in the area.

New World Cutlass Keys Balmy Veldt

What is the respawn time for Provisions Crates in New World?

Provisions Crates respawn every 60 minutes in New World. These crates are unique to each player’s world, meaning every player has their own chest spawns. You do not have to worry about someone else stealing your chest and preventing you from looting it.

What items can you find in Provisions Crates in New World?

Here are the items you can find in Provisions Crates:

  • Windsward – Coconut, Milk, Sugar
  • First Light – Cauliflower, Melon, Milk, Onion
  • Monarch’s Bluff – Milk, Rice, Tomato, Yeast
  • Everfall – Milk, Salt, String Bean
  • Brightwood – Apple, Milk, Salt, Yeast
  • Cutlass Keys – Milk, Onion, Orange, Tomato
  • Weaver’s Fen – Coconut, Lemon, Melon, Milk
  • Restless Shore – Coconut, Lemon, Milk, Rice
  • Great Cleave – Lemon, Melon, Milk
  • Mourningdale – Cauliflower, Milk, Orange, Tomato
  • Reekwater – Apple, Milk, String Bean, Sugar
  • Shattered Mountain – Milk, Rice, Yeast
  • Ebonscale Reach – Milk, String Bean, Sugar
  • Edengrove – Cauliflower, Milk, Onion, Orange

That concludes our guide on New World Provisions Crates locations and farm routes. As we mentioned, you can find the complete list on the New World interactive map. These are just a few of our favorite farm routes, and we’ll update the guide as we add more to our routine. For more related content, builds, and guides, check our website’s New World section.

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