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How to make the best bags in New World

How to make the best bags in New World

Inventory management is one of the most important aspects of New World, as your storage space is very limited. It affects how much you can haul back to town and throw into storage at one time, which can influence your money-making, how quickly you level trade skills, and how long you can stay out in the world looting items and reagents. The good news is that you have three satchel slots in total at level 45, but how do you make the best bags in New World to fill them?

Making the best bags will take some investment in the form of time and money. You can always opt to buy your satchels off the Trading Post, but you’ll be paying a pretty steep premium. You are also somewhat limited to what’s in stock. It doesn’t have to be like that, though, because making your own bags is straightforward, so long as you have the Armoring skills and a little bit of coin.

How to make bags in New World

To make bags in New World, you’ll need to visit an Outfitting Station in any major settlement. You can make four tiers of bags and also get a few for free by completing quests. Each bag requires a Rune of Holding from your Faction vendor, which you can get for Faction Tokens and Gold, along with some basic resources.

Bag typeTierRune ingredientMaterialsArmoring XPArmoring Requirement
Coarse Leather BagTier IIMinor Rune of Holding45 Coarse Leather
25 Cloth
10 Metals
972 ArmoringLv. 0
Rugged Leather BagTier IIIMajor Rune of Holding45 Rugged Leather
25 Cloth
10 Metals
2430 ArmoringLv. 50
Layered Leather BagTier IVGreater Rune of Holding45 Layered Leather
25 Cloth
10 Metals
6075 ArmoringLv. 100
Infused Leather BagTier VGrand Rune of Holding45 Infused Leather
25 Cloth
10 Metals
12,555 ArmoringLv. 150

The nice thing here is that aside from the Rune of Holding, each Tier of the bag only requires 25 Cloth, such as Linen, and 10 Metals, such as Iron Ingots. Therefore, the only limiting factor is the Rune of Holding, which again costs Faction Tokens and Gold. Here’s the cost breakdown for the Runes:

  • Minor Rune of Holding – 1,000 Tokens, 250 Gold
  • Major Rune of Holding – 3,000 Tokens, 500 Gold
  • Greater Rune of Holding – 5,000 Tokens, 1,000 Gold
  • Grand Rune of Holding – 7,000 Tokens, 1,500 Gold

Runes of Holding can be found in the Faction armory. Visit your Faction representative in any settlement, and tap on the Buy Rewards button to pick one up.

The best New World bag perks

To make the best bag in New World, you’ll want to farm Sliver of Adderstone. The Sliver of Adderstone is a crafting mod that adds the “Extra Pockets” perk, which allows you to carry more overall weight. Depending on your server, you may be able to pick this up for 200500 coins. The whole purpose of bags is to increase your inventory space, so using this crafting mod to make your Tier 5 Infused Leather Bag makes the most sense. Additionally, you’ll want to put in 45 Azoth to your bag crafts to ensure you get the maximum number of perks.

You can only use one crafting modifier, though, which leaves the remaining two perks up to chance. A good bag will consist of some combination of the following perks:

  • Extra Pockets (Sliver of Adderstone) – You can hold 50–95 more weight.
  • Luck (Chunk of Adderstone) – You have a +0.5–2.8% chance at rare items from chests and monsters.
  • Azoth Attuned (Vial of Azoth Oil) – When you gain Azoth, gain 3–4.8% more.
How to make the best bag in New World - Special Resources

In my opinion, these three stats are the holy grail. If you manage to hit all three of these perks on a single bag, you can toss it on the Trading Post, or use it for yourself! Perks can roll in “ranges,” which are influenced by the gear score of the bag you make. You can get a higher Gear Score bag by using higher quality Metals or Cloth (Silk, Azurite Chunk, etc.), having a high Armoring skill, and using Armoring bonus gear. For instance, the maximum roll on Extra Pockets is 95 at Gear Score 600.

That’s how you can make the best bags for yourself and others in New World. For more related guides and content, check out our website’s New World section.

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