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Where to get Firm Fish Filet in New World

Where to get Firm Fish Fillet in New World

One time, when I was eating lunch in a McDonald’s, this lawyer-looking guy stomped in and began cursing out the cashier because he didn’t get the Filet-O-Fish he ordered in the drive-through. I bring this up to illustrate to you how seriously some people take their fish filets. If you take your fish seriously (though hopefully less seriously than that lawyer guy), you’ll want to get the best cuts of fish you possibly can for cooking and trading. Here’s where to get a Firm Fish Filet in New World.

As you travel around the world of Aeternum, you’ll pass by numerous large bodies of water, home to all manners of aquatic life. With a fishing rod in hand, you can capture these various species of fish and salvage them from your inventory to obtain Fish Filets, which you can then sell, trade, or cook. However, there are some cuts of fish that you can tell from a glance that have something special about them. Is it the color? The smell? The taste? No, it’s the firmness. Firm Fish Filets are a rarer variation of Fish Filets, and are worth much more. But how can you source some quality fish versus the basic stuff?

Where to get Firm Fish Filet in New World

To get a Firm Fish Filet in New World:

  1. Catch fish from large bodies of water
  2. Look for Rare rarity fish with green markers or better
  3. Salvage the fish from your inventory for a chance to get a Firm Fish Filet

While a Firm Fish Filet can technically be sourced from any fish you catch, you have a much better chance of obtaining one from rarer fish. Specifically, fish with a Rare-grade rarity or higher. These include:

  • Catfish
  • Cod
  • Halibut
  • Sturgeon
  • Common fish
  • Rare fish

If you find a fish with a green rarity marker or better, you’ve got a much better chance of salvaging a Firm Fish Filet from them. Likewise, the Tier 3 version is Tender Fish Filet, derived mainly from Paddlefish, Speartooth Shark, and Swordfish.

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