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New World Engineering Leveling Guide (Level 0-200)

New World Engineering Leveling Guide (Level 0-200)

This article is over 2 years old and may contain outdated information

Engineering is one of the seven crafting skills you can master in New World, and it’s certainly one of the most valuable. Without Engineering, there would be no gathering tools, so you’ll likely want to delve into this profession for the high-quality tools. Just like in real life, engineering is a highly valued skill in New World, though thankfully, unlike real life, you don’t need a four-year degree to get good at it. We’ll show you the best way to level this trade skill in our New World Engineering leveling guide.

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There are a few ways to level Engineering efficiently, and the best way depends on your gathering skills and what type of resources you have on hand. You may opt to purchase materials from the Trading Post, which will also influence which items you should be crafting. Personally, I like to gather my own materials. You can refer to our Mining and Skinning guides to find out where to get the Iron and Rawhide required to max Engineering.

Check out our New World Crafting and Gathering wiki for more leveling guides and resource locations.

New World Engineering Leveling Guide

The fastest way to level Engineering is by visiting the Workshop and crafting GunpowderIron Cartridges, and Iron Spears. These three items will grant you the most Engineering experience per material. You can also make Weak Proficiency Boosters if you have plenty of Air and Soul Motes handy or can acquire them for next to nothing on the market.

Here are the recipes for all the items:

  • Gunpowder
    • Charcoal x5
    • Flint x2
    • Saltpeter x1
    • +96 Engineering
  • Iron Cartridge
    • Iron Ingot x4
    • Linen x1
    • Gunpowder x1
    • +72 Engineering
  • Iron Spear
    • Timber x10
    • Iron Ingot x5
    • Coarse Leather x2
    • +204 Engineering
  • Steel Spear
    • Lumber x11
    • Iron Ingot x5
    • Coarse Leather x2
    • +540 Engineering
    • Engineering Skill Lv. 50

If you don’t know where to get some of these ingredients, we’ve got you covered. You can find Saltpeter mostly inside of caves and mines, and you can refer to this Saltpeter map for locations. Rawhide and Iron nodes are everywhere, and you can refer to our other guides for example farming routes.

New World Engineering Leveling Guide: Level 0-100

To get from Engineering level 0-100 in New World, you will need a total of 97,375 Engineering experience. You can acquire this experience by crafting Gunpowder and Iron Cartridges. You will need the following materials if you go the pure Gunpowder route:

  • 1015 Gunpowder x5
    • 5,075 Charcoal (10,150 Green Wood)
    • 2,030 Flint
    • 1,015 Saltpeter

It may be a good idea to swap to Iron Cartridges around Engineering level 63, so you can make use of the Gunpowder. If you swap to Iron Cartridges at Engineering level 63, here are the material you will need:

  • 225 Gunpowder x5
    • 1,125 Charcoal (2,250 Green Wood)
    • 450 Flint
    • 225 Saltpeter
  • 1,054 Iron Cartridge x50
    • 4,216 Iron Ingot (16,864 Iron Ore)
    • 1,054 Linen (4,216 Hemp Fibers)
    • 211 Gunpowder

We pick Iron Cartridges because Gunpowder is a required ingredient, so we’d like to use the previously crafted materials. Additionally, this allows us to level Mining alongside Engineering since we will need Iron Ingots. You can forego the bullets and get to 100 by crafting all Gunpowder. If you can get Charcoal, Flint, and Saltpeter for cheap at the Trading Post, it would be easier.

New World Engineering Leveling Guide: Level 100-200

To get from Engineering level 100-200 in New World, you will need a total of 1,784,050 Engineering experience. You can craft Iron Spears (at the Forge) exclusively to get to level 200, but it will be a long process. You can also opt for Steel Spears if you have the Lumber. The following materials are required to get from Engineering level 100 to 200 by crafting Iron Spears:

  • Iron Ingot x43,730 (174,960 Iron Ore)
  • Timber x87,460 (349,840 Green Wood)
  • Coarse Leather 17,492 (69,968 Rawhide)
New World Engineering Leveling Guide Iron Spear

You’re going to need thousands of Iron Spears, 8,746 to be exact. As long as you are okay with farming the materials, it’s a viable strategy and perhaps the best way to level engineering. Not to mention you can salvage all of the spears (or sell the good ones) for some resources, which means your overall raw material requirements will be a bit less.

You’ll also likely be crafting a bunch of tools for yourself and your friends, and maybe to make money on the Trading Post. That will grant you a few Engineering levels on its own, further reducing the required number of spears.

That concludes our New World Engineering leveling guide. Feel free to bookmark this page and reference it if you need a walkthrough. We’ll also update the guide if we come across any better ways to level the skill. Find more related content, guides, and builds in our website’s New World section.

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